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If you are a freelancer you always have to fulfill the customer's requirements and the challenges required within a certain period of time. Work and customer communication is not easy, but there are countless online tools that can help you in this situation.

In this "we have collected 20 fresh and selected tools for our viewers to make their work easier some." The following tools are both online and target niche, each freelancer is looking for.

July 2015, we are highlighting new tools and resources that will promote your tasks, ranging from web application frameworks and JavaScript library mobile apps This article includes some really useful resources that will help designers and developers implement their web development tasks.

1. is the creator of the first "ubiquitous" social network, allowing site owners and publishers to make their sites a social network, driven by their content. Spot. Im technology enables publishers to reclaim ownership of the conversation around its content, releasing the social space they have to rely on larger, external social networks to provide community content cohesion.

2. Expandjs

Expandjs is a 80 + 350 + custom element and practical feature to launch your Web application module library. The elements are built on polymers and follow Google's material design guidelines to make beautiful and responsive interfaces. This library is a lodash extension that adds more functionality and introduces unexpected parameter checks. It is released in the Bsd-3-clause license.

3. Outline

Outline is a simple CSS template that starts responding to any new Web project created by Matt Harris. This is a modular, mobile first framework that includes today's best practices for responsive design and core components that I use for every project. Outline design is a starting point. A solid foundation for your project, to leave your ideas to you.

4. Startup Launch List

The startup Launch List contains the pre-launch read aarticles you need to launch. They are created by founders, designers, investors and thought leaders. Make sure you read all Paul Graham's articles. "This small application class is thought of as follows. This is a place where you can read from respected people like Jason, Derek Sivers,brad Feld, Mark Suster, Sam Altman Essentials, Fledwilson, etc.

5. Bounce

Bounce is a script that allows you to post beautiful banners on your website without coding requirements. The target bar is based on where they come from and whether they have affected your ad in what page, and you can give those adblocker to install the user bar. Ask the user to turn off Adblock or promote another way to support your site.

6. Coverr


COVERR established a joint initiative between the Veed two companies. I "and" Codersclan ". As they went through the background video from both sides of the Web, video and code, they decided to build something that would give these, free-to the community. Basically, Coverr lets you download any video you want (MP4 + WebM + images), and it also gives you snippets of code to help you implement them (Html,css,javascript). It's copyrighted and will always be. They will upload new 7 12-15 seconds per Monday video.

7. is a resource of JavaScript code for the school community Building team. Now, it will always be free. Because JavaScript is an excellent coding language for beginners, they have collected some of the best free learning resources and built a JavaScript course to help new developers start and run.

8. Sitecake

Sitecake is an easy-to-use CMS (Content management System) for small sites, with a WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop editing. A standard web hosting package (Web server and PHP 5.4 +) is all you need to install and use. Sitecake read, modify, and save changes to the HTML file. There is no requirement for PHP or template language knowledge. All the changes are directly stored in the HTML page of all the pictures, file system. Once you have finished editing, you still have a static website.

9. gradify

Gradify is a module that discovers the most prominent colors in any image and produces an extensible, responsive css gradient. This can provide a more harmonious experience as an image placeholder.

Ten. inker

Inker is an open source front-end architecture and delivery service that will change the e-mail you think your company has on one-on one. Ink strips you send from the code, keep the focus, your team stops wasting time in the mail, can focus on the more important things. Keep your e-mail program cleaner to give your tools to test the speed. Free templates for transactional mail (forgot password, receipt, account creation).


Camanjs is a (CA) rating (person) manipulating JavaScript. This is a simple combination of user interface, advanced and effective image/canvas editing techniques. Camanjs is a new filter and plugin extension very handy, it comes with a wide range of image editing features and continues to grow. This is entirely a library of independent works both in Nodejs and in the browser. Both CAMANJS and this site are fully open source, accepting requests.

The Slides

The Slides can be edited online in your browser. Unlike traditional demo software, such as PowerPoint, there's no need to download anything. All the work is securely stored on our servers, accessible wherever you go. Whether you are speaking at a meeting, presiding over a meeting, or sending your deck by email, your story is conveyed by the beauty of it being produced. You can also export PDFs and share or print your audience.

Rocket Chat is a Web chat server, developed using JavaScript, using the Meteor Fullstack framework. This is a great solution for communities and companies wanting to host their chat service privately or developers looking to build and develop their own chat platform. You can have a chat-like open source code. Pay attention to the rockets, distributed under the permission of MIT.


TOTA11Y is an accessible visualizer that lets you see how your site is performing using assistive technologies. This makes testing for accessibility often cumbersome and confusing and easy for developers who are not accustomed to using the technology.


Unyson is a quick and easy to use WordPress theme Framework development fee. It offers a wide range of customization options and extensive documentation and support.


The Thao framework is a minimal and easier CSS framework for Web development. It is written and compiled with little, light weight, and lacks any JavaScript code. Tao is written in less. It is fully compatible with the previous browser. Unfortunately, 8 of the response speed is not fully compatible.

. GitHub Updater

This plugin allows users to install and automatically update the WordPress plugin hosted on GitHub. Despite the name, the plugin also supports BitBucket and Gitlab, which are included in a private warehouse.

Sassy Exists

Sassy-exists is an existing check Sass Micro-Library. It provides a choice of syntax for the existence of variables, the presence of features, the presence of features, and much more.

Famous Engine

Famousengine is a JS library of architectural animations and interfaces. It outlines the DOM and WebGL, allowing you to customize the drawing and layout.


Bootcards is a card-based user interface framework. It is built at the top of the boot and uses its response characteristics. Unlike most other user interface frameworks, it includes a dual pane interface for tablet users. Bootcards includes stylesheets to your app's local look, whether it's on the ios,android or desktop.

Select 20 Latest Developer Tools

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