Sending a copy of the audio from the Chinese site to my QQ inbox, prompting me whether the text is true or not.

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Sending a copy of the audio from the Chinese site to my QQ inbox, prompting me whether the text is true or not.

The awarding hotline 0571-26891750 certification is in fact, the third quarter of China's dynamic and static awards phone number: 0571-26891750. During China's hot news, we did hold a series of lucky draws for those who liked our program,

However, we need to keep in mind that this event was just held soon, so when the lucky person receives the message, he must first calm down, after you call the official website of China's dynamic and static activity, only the customer service phone number is displayed: 0571-26891750.
Wait for a call for consultation. If you receive the award, please call us to inquire and continue the process of receiving the award!
Tip: China's dynamic and static websites accept various events, such as winning consultation and handling of prize receiving procedures... process. to ensure effectiveness and quality. your call will be recorded throughout the process. sorry...
Recently, scammers fake the dynamic and static Customer Service of China. Fake the customer service phone number of our program.
Tens of thousands of people watched the second quarter of the controversial "China good news", finally met the audience on Friday.
At the beginning of the program, Lu Wei, the propaganda director of the program, has threatened to say that "good news and static news have exceeded the total number of opponents". Such a high degree of enthusiasm has attracted more people's curiosity.
During the two days of the weekend, it seems that all media people are waiting for the TV streaming data. This morning (July 15), the first broadcast of "good news" was freshly released, with 3.516% million data, which shocked us. According to statistics, this number once again set "good news" to a new high for the first broadcast of variety shows.
Processing Process:
Fill in the prize receiving materials → pay the money at the bank → get the remittance receipt form → contact Customer Service personnel → acknowledge that you have processed your fees now! This makes it inconvenient for you. In order to ensure that there are no errors in user queries, you need to follow the process of the staff! Please be patient and follow the rules. Thank you!
1. We promise to take care of you throughout the process!
2. We promise to provide you with a fair, just and transparent trading platform.
3. We promise to provide you with a comfortable and satisfying effect.

Sending a copy of the audio from the Chinese site to my QQ inbox, prompting me whether the text is true or not.

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