Seoer, where is the road to the future?

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From the beginning to learn SEO, has been to today, has nearly 6 years of time, during the walk and stop for some reason left a period of time this circle, and all the webmaster friends as experienced wandering, confused and uncertain about the future occupation, but still insisted on down, The whim of the SEO this career to the future of some of the trend to record down, but also for their 6 years of SEO practitioners of the road of an account.

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Now and some of the group inside the Webmaster friend communication, often meet someone said to do so long time seo, every day is always repeated in the work of editing (acquisition content, two-level editing, tracking hot, into the article, etc.), exchange friends and hair outside the chain, it seems that SEO is just doing these things, At first I will also because learn to use the locomotive collector, writing a beautiful TKD, planning the URL structure of the site and other skills and excitement, the next is to learn some black hat practices, hidden text, stuffing keywords, brush keywords, brush flow and so on a variety of brush skills, play a period of time after the beginning of precipitation, bubble in the Webmaster College , webmaster forum to absorb a variety of query segmentation technology, Indexing principle, various search algorithms, as well as the ranking factors affecting keywords and so on all as long as the latest published official documents will go to see, turn a big circle, began to think about mastering these things after my future way out in the end where? SEM's strong, since the rise of the media, the popularity of the app in combination with the current enterprise strong demand real-time effect, thoroughly let me into the hesitation, it seems that the glorious era of SEO career has gone.

The next time I have been thinking about this problem, conclusion: Since the change is not, it is necessary to take advantage of. SEO practitioners also have their own advantages, many years in and this search box experience, whether it is digging words, industry word classification and so on the use of words, will let you quickly understand an industry users pay attention to the information point, next is I want to talk about the combination of query and emerging Internet products derived from the seoer way out.

First, from the media

Real Case: Small series applied for a financial purpose today's headline account, the reason for today's headlines, is not to give it advertising, is also a small series analysis of the current more popular from the media, today's headlines is the most suitable one, whether it is Baidu hundreds, netease from the media, the public platform, penguin from the media, Phoenix from the media, UC self-media and so have their limitations. (Here are just a few of the small ones to use as examples from the media)

1. Popular public platforms need to reach a certain number of fans in order to be a traffic master;

2. Baidu has used the people know that, although it has a natural Halo search engine, but not suitable for the rapid change from the media people;

3. NetEase and penguins are not to mention, they are still based on self-mining content, the individual from the media people to obtain resources is difficult;

4. UC since the media heard also to imitate the today's headlines DT technology personalized recommendation to users, keep the backup;

5. Today's headlines this popular self-media platform is able to meet the conditions of the small series.

Because the small series engaged in financial related industry work, amateur is also contact with a lot of user search term needs, deeply understand the target users of those content more interested in, here really realize that the query is truly an art, so small series on the basis of user attention information points, to organize related content, Spend two hours a day to tidy up a very strong article, I think it should be easy for seoer, and then through today's headlines published this article, not to my expectations, just a day in this article is recommended to the relevant category 100w more than, read more than 35W, Subscribers have soared from 0 to nearly 700. Such as:

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In this small part of the subscription user's accumulation in fact there is no public account of the kind of communication advantages, but today's headline DT technology driver, combined with the content of astronomical users of the real demand will show this explosive, although just opened the account and no self-advertising and participation in the rights of the ad share, But I in accordance with the company enterprise number ad into the estimate, an article can bring near 900+RMB benefits, so the lovely seoer practitioners do not choose for you yesterday SEO this occupation and confused, use good this skill can burst out unlimited possibilities.

Second, create grassroots stars

Recently I found that the word net red is particularly popular, just contact with special attention to some of the live platform, the result is good and bad, the majority of women, all kinds of ridicule, sell meat, dazzle skills and so on, of course, I do not say this bad, there is prejudice, after all, everyone has their own survival skills, who is not superior, I just a point, from the net red this angle I think it is necessary to build their own network brand, after all, the popularity of the promotion of this year for you to do anything in the circle will be on the top of a halo.

Of course, this is not to encourage webmaster friends to do online live, because many have done two or three years of the new seoer will face some hesitation, here "stray little crawler" is just to give you some personal advice, use their expertise in some authoritative platform to build their own column ( Of course, some senior personal webmaster has already started to do it for many years, such as A5, Webmaster's home, fast way, etc., during the opening of a personal public account or is very necessary, easy to communicate with peers, only to share with each other to broaden horizons, of course, with your accumulation, You can also put some high-quality articles to Lu Songsong blog, the benefits you understand.

By boosting your brand awareness, you'll find it easier to pick up some website projects, your circle will grow, and your business will be more and more.

To create the biggest cause of grassroots stars from a friend engaged in seoer to introduce me to the Feng Dongyang, a grassroots webmaster's gorgeous turn, touched very big, he built a paid subscription to the site profit model, in fact, if you have been concerned about the search, you can also find in this platform also use some problem-solving operation ideas. In short, when you fall into a hesitant time may wish to open a column to share your SEO skills, expand your social circle, enhance your personal brand, virtually business has been found on you.

Third, the information is poor

As a seoer, when it comes to poor information you should not be unfamiliar, others can not think, the ability to query, and you may not only query, but also can do, which produced a poor information, said the vulgar point this is the potential business.

Some people through a mouth conquer, you can control the world through a search box, which is a seoer advantage, perhaps a lot of webmaster friends will often use a treasure, you will find around the SEO, search box derived from a lot of shops, most people will more or less to deal with these shops, Here is the first to say that do not know the technology does not matter, this time know one is not the door program language, is not a rare animal, as long as you can dig out some product core thinking, put forward demand, developed is not a problem. such as spider pool Procedures, brush flow tools, fast-line technology and so on. As a seoer I believe that you are slowly growing up in the process of dealing with these tools, of course, certainly did not fall into the pit, because the small part of the same way, not that these tools are useless, but the search engine response is too fast, product change response is insufficient, a lot of tools have been lost just out of the effect. Why should we mention these tools, because these tools have so far created considerable benefits for some webmasters, and they are using the information is poor, advance these tools to market.

Throw off the technical level, submit a Wikipedia entry, delete a negative promotion words, delete a malicious brush of word-of-mouth (of course, also has a brush reputation), forum bar Clean Negative stickers, Keywords Blaster screen, station group to do outside chain package, sell links, sell accounts and so on, these do not need how great technology, as long as you take advantage Play your SEO advantage, from a knowledge point into, covering to the surface is only a matter of time.

Voluminous unconsciously has written nearly 3000 words, suffering from the publication of more than the length of the statement, the above three directions is I walked all the way to the understanding of the SEO future road of some feelings, although not see too long-term, But I believe this article can help many seoer practitioners have some Kaixie on the path of confusion that they are facing now.

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Seoer, where is the road to the future?

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