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1. Disable the Configure Server Wizard:

Prohibit the presence of the Configure Your Server Wizard (Manage Your server):-> Administrator tool (Administrative Tools)-> manage Your server in Control Panel (Manage Your Server), and then in the lower-left corner of the window, check "Do not show this page when you log on" (Don t display this page at logon).

2. Enabling hardware and DirectX acceleration

★ Hardware Acceleration: Desktop Right-click-Property (properties)-> settings (Settings)-Advanced (Advanced)-Troubleshooting (Troubleshoot). Pull the hardware acceleration scroll bar of the page to full, preferably click OK to save the exit. This may be a moment of black screen is completely normal.

★directx acceleration: Open start-> Run, type "DxDiag" and enter the "DirectX Diagnostics Tool" (DirectX tools), on the display page, Click DirectDraw, Direct3D and AGP texture accelerate three buttons to enable acceleration. Pull the "Hardware acceleration level for sound" (Hardware Sound acceleration levels) scroll bar to full acceleration.

3. Enable sound card:

After the system is installed, the sound card is prohibited, so you want to enable it in the Control Panel-> sound->, reboot and then set it in the taskbar display. If you are using the Windows Server 2003 Standard version, make it from step two, because the standard version has allowed sound services.

★ Open "Start" (start)-> "Run", type "services.msc", locate "Windows Audio" in the window that appears and double-click it, and then select Auto in the Drop-down menu in startup mode ( Automatic) and click "Apply" (apply)-> "Start" (start)-> "OK" (OK)

★ Open "Start" (start)-> "Run", type "DxDiag" and enter "DirectX Diagnostics Tool" (DirectX tools), on the "Sound" (Display) page, "Hardware acceleration level of sound" ( Hardware Sound acceleration level) scroll bar to full acceleration.

4. How to enable ASP support:

Windows Server 2003 is installed by default and is not installed with IIS 6 and requires additional installation. After you install IIS 6, you also need to turn on standalone support for ASP. The Control Panel-> Administrative Tools-> Web service Extensions-> Active Server Pages-> allowed.

5. How to enable XP Desktop themes:

★ Open "Start" (start)-> "Run", type "Services.msc", select Themes "Subject" (the default is prohibited), then change to "automatic", press "Apply", select "Open".

★ Click on the "desktop" attribute, select "Windows XP" in "Subject"

★ My Computer----Properties----Advanced----performance-----use shading for icon labels on the desktop

6. Shutdown reasons for the shutdown is prohibited to choose:

Shutdown Event Tracking (Shutdown event Tracker) is also a setting that differs from other workstation systems in Windows Server 2003.

This is a necessary choice for the server, but it doesn't work for the workstation system, and we can also ban it.

Open "Start" Start-> "Running" Run-> enter "Gpedit.msc", in the left part of the window that appears,

Select Computer Configuration (Computer Configuration)-> Administrative Template (Administrative Templates)

-> "System", click "Shutdown Event Tracker" in the right window to select "Prohibit" in the dialog box that appears

(Disabled), click then OK to save and exit, so that you will see a shutdown window similar to Windows 2000

7. How to use USB hard drive, u disk, add already partition hard disk

My Computer (right-click)----Manage----Disk Management-----Perform import and assignment letter operations on the appropriate hard disk

8. Display all components in Control Panel:

Replace the "Hide" in the Sysoc.inf file in the Windows/inf directory.

9. Disable Internet Explorer enhanced security and the appearance of the Stop-safe query box

Customize the security level for IE in the IE tools option. Pull the scroll bar on the Security tab to set Internet zone security to Medium (Medium) or medium low. Modify the selection "prompt" in the Customization settings to select "Prohibit" or "enable".

10. Disable boot Ctrl+alt+del and implement automatic login

★ Method 1: Open the registry (run-> "Regedit"), and then open:

Hkey_local_machin SOFTWARE MicroSoft Windows NT currentversion Winlogon section, right-click in this paragraph, create a new two string segment, autoadminlogon= "1", defaultpassword= "The password set for the Superuser administrator." Note that you must set a password for the administrator, or you will not be able to implement self booting. You can then restart Windows to enable automatic logon.

★ Method 2: Administrative Tools-> Local security Settings (local safety policy)-> native policy-> security options-> Interactive Logon:do not require , enable it.

★ Method 3 (Automatic login): Use the Windows XP tweak UI to implement Server 2003 automatic landing Ghost XP system.

Download: Tweak UI Http://

Execute TweakUI.exe directly on the left panel select logon-> autologon-> on the right tick log on automatically in system startup enter your username and domain (if not), Click the set Password below, enter the username password, and then click OK.

11. Hide Files

Windows Server 2003 displays all folders by default, and if you don't want to, you can hide them by opening any folder, selecting Tools-> Folder Options-> view ( View, adjust the contents of the Display system folder, hide protected operating system files, hidden files and folders three items

12. Allow built-in IMAPI cd-burning services and support for Windows Imaging Device services

. Allow built-in IMAPI cd-burning services and support for Windows Imaging Device services

★ If you want to enable Windows built-in IMAPI cd-burning service. Do the following XX:

Open start-> Run, type "services.msc", locate "IMAPI cd-burning COM Service" in the window that appears, and double-click it, and then in startup mode (startup type) Drop-down menu Select "Automatic" (Automatic) and click "Apply" (apply)-> "Start"-> "OK" (OK)

★ If you are like digital cameras and scanners, you should open the Windows Image Acquisition service. Open start-> Run, type "services.msc", locate "Windows Image Acquisition (WIA)" In the window that appears, and double-click it, and then in startup mode (startup type) The drop down

Menu select "Automatic" (Automatic) and click "Apply"-> "Start" (start)-> "OK" (OK)

13. Advanced Settings

★ We can modify some of the advanced settings of Windows Server 2003 to fit the workstation's application environment.

Right-click "My Computer" (my Computer)--Attributes (properties)--Advanced (Advanced)--Performance (performance)--Settings (Setting)--Advanced (Advanced), "Processor planning" ( Processor scheduling) and memory usage (Memory usage) are assigned to Programs (PROGRAMS) for use. Then click "OK" (OK.)

★ Disable Error Reporting

Right-click on "My Computer" (my Computer)--Attributes (properties)--Advanced (Advanced)--click on the "Error Report" (Reporting) button, in the window that appears to "Disable error Reporting" (Disable error Reporting) Select and check "but notify me when serious errors occur" (But, notify me when critical errors occur.)

★ Adjust Virtual memory

Some friends often feel overwhelmed with shutting down and logging off, and the solution is to disable virtual memory so that your logoff and shutdown times may be much faster. Right-click "My Computer" (my Computer)--Attributes (properties)--Advanced (Advanced)--Performance (performance)--Settings (Setting)--Advanced (Advanced), click "Virtual Memory" ( Virtual memory) section of change, and then select No paging file in the window that appears. Reboot the system.

14. Speed up start-up and operation

★ Modify the registry, reduce the pre read, reduce the progress bar wait time:

Start → Run →regedit start Registry Editor, Hkey_local_machine/system/currentcontrolset/control/session Manager/memory Management/ Prefetchparameters, there is a key value named Enableprefetcher, its value is 3, change it to "1" or "5". Locate the Hkey_local_machine/system/currentcontrolset/control and set the WaitToKillServiceTimeout to: 1000 or less. (Original Set Value: 20000) Find Hkey_current_user/control panel/desktop key, the right window waittokillapptimeout to 1000, (the original Set value: 20000) that is, close the program only wait 1 seconds 。

Change the Hungapptimeout value to: 200 (original Set Value: 5000), which indicates that the program waits 0.5 seconds for errors.

★ Allow the system to automatically shut down programs that stop responding.

Open the registry Hkey_current_user/control panel/desktop key and set the Autoendtasks value to 1. (Original Set Value: 0)

★ Disable System Service QoS

Start menu → run → type gpedit.msc, and the Group Policy window appears. Expand Administrative Templates → network, expand QoS Packet Scheduler, right-click restrict reserved bandwidth in Settings in properties, select Disabled, and make sure that you have restricted retention of bandwidth in the setting in the property, and that Can When the above modifications are completed and applied, the user can see the QoS Packet Scheduler (QoS Packet Scheduler) in the General Properties tab bar of the Properties dialog box for the network connection. Description The modification was successful or the modification failed.

★ Change the speed of window popup:

Locate the Hkey_current_usercontrol Paneldesktopwindowmetrics branch, locate the MinAnimate key value in the window on the right, the type is REG_SZ, and by default the value of this health value is 1, Represents an animation that opens a window display, changes it to 0, suppresses animation, and then selects the logout command from the Start menu to activate the modification you just made.

★ Disable compression for Windows XP:

Click "Run" under "Start", enter "regsvr32/u Zipfldr.dll" in the "Run" input box, and then press ENTER.

★ Set the starting information or warning message of personality:

Personalized Windows XP Startup: Open Registry Editor, find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows Ntcurrentversionwinlogon branch, Double-click the LegalNoticeCaption health value to open the Edit String dialog box, and enter the information you want in the text box under Value data, such as "Buddy, Hello!", and then click OK to reboot. If you want to change the warning message, double-click the LegalNoticeText health Value name, enter the warning message you want to display in the Edit String window that appears, and then click OK to reboot.

15. Install Java VM

Windows Server 2003 does not have an integrated MS Java VM or a Sun Java VM, and you can download and install it yourself.

16. Install DirectX 9a

Installing DirectX 9a on Windows Server 2003 and installing DirectX 9a on other versions of Windows is the same as the home of XP systems. You must first enable DirectX and Graphics acceleration before you install.

17. Available antivirus software and firewalls:

Symantec Norton Antivirus Corporate 8.01

Zone Alarm 3.7.159

Norton Personal Firewall 2003

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