Server common Mbps, MB, Kbps, KB, bps unit conversions

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When we choose VPS, Server host, we often see the common MB, GB, Mbps, and so on some of the labeling units. Most of us will probably know MB (megabytes), which is much larger than the amount of memory we often use. But if the bandwidth is involved in Mbps, it may be a bit difficult to understand, such as we often see that there is 2Mbps bandwidth, many people will understand that 2MB, and then use the file drag test to find out how no 2MB, so will be all kinds of complaining about the business how Black heart.

Therefore, when we choose the VPS server, we need to see clearly the merchant's labeling units, so that after conversion is not difficult to understand the real data parameters. This way we will understand when we choose, here I will simply sort out the following.

First, the simple concept

Mbps, which means milionbit per second, meaning million dollar every second;

Kbps, which represents kilobit per second, meaning thousands per second;

BPS, which represents the bit per second, meaning is bits/second;

MB, which means that millions of bytes are also called megabytes;

KB, which represents kilobytes;

B, which represents bytes;

Second, the basic conversion



See here is not difficult to understand, if we choose the server host when the 1Mbps bandwidth, the download speed is generally not more than 125KB per second, rather than we understand the 1mb/s. In order to do so, we choose 2Mbps bandwidth, and the download speed will not exceed 250KB per second.

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Server common Mbps, MB, Kbps, KB, bps unit conversions

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