Server data loss Failure type

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First, the logic layer failure

1, mistakenly deleted, wrong format, error zoning, false cloning, file decryption, virus destruction.

2, RAID array information is missing

3, RAID card damage caused data loss

4. Data loss caused by Misoperation during RAID upgrade migration

5, RAID5 array 2 block hard disk offline caused by data loss

6. Bad stripe in logical drive in RAID array

7. Reconfiguration of RAID array information results in data loss

8. Error in disk order in RAID array

9, RAID array system crash server failed to start

10, RAID hard drive out of line, the array of a block or multiple hard disk is not recognized

11, RAID Array information confusion

12, RAID accidental power outages and other reasons caused by rebuild failure

RAID physical layer fault server physical layer failure, mainly refers to the server array SAS, SCSI hard drive due to the internal drive head or motor cause of the fault.

Two, mainly includes the following several:

1, hard disk power tapping;

2, the hard disk power not to turn;

3, hard disk power is not recognized;

 Third, RAID bad road layer failure

Server bad layer failure, mainly refers to the disk array of SCSI, SAS hard drive due to one or more bad way cause the operating system caused by the following failure.

1, unable to start;

2, start the operating system blue screen;

3, start the operating system panic.

  Quad-RAID firmware layer failure

Server firmware layer failure, mainly refers to the disk array of SCSI, SAS hard drive due to the firmware module damaged or missing one or more of the hard disk is not recognized, the data area is not normal access.

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