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Hot Spare : Hot Spare
When a disk that is in use fails, an idle, power-up, and standby disk immediately replaces the failure disk, which is a hot spare. No user data is stored on the hot spare disk and can have up to 8 disks as hot spare disks. A hot spare disk can be dedicated to a single redundant array or it can also be part of an entire array of hot spare disk pools. In a particular array, there can be only one hot spare disk.
When a disk fails, the controller's firmware automatically replaces the failed disk with a hot spare disk, and rebuilds the data originally stored on the failed disk into a hot spare disk through an algorithm. Data can only be rebuilt from a logical drive with redundancy (except for RAID 0 ), and the hot spare disk must have sufficient capacity. The system administrator can replace the failed disk and designate the replaced disk as a new hot spare disk

"Two", Configure hot standby (Hotspare)
Configure Hot Spare There are two modes, one is the global hot spare, that is, the hot spare hard disk can be used as the heat of all the array on this channel, and the other is the independent hot spare, configure the hard disk for a specified disk group of all the virtual disks to do warm-up, This means that even if the hard disk is dropped, the hot spare does not automatically do rebuild
Configure Global Hot Spares:
1, the first to have existing disk groups (arrays), we are here for example, we have configured two arrays, array 0 is a 0,1,2 Three Physical disk configuration RAID5 , array 1 is a RAID1configured by 4,5 two physical disks,

2 , press CTRL + N to switch to the PD Mgmt interface, you can see that the status of the 4 HDD is ready.

3 , move the cursor to number 4 , press F2, and in the pop-up menu, select Make global HSto configure the global hot spare

4 , after confirmation, the status of the4 drive becomes hotspare

5 , after the configuration is complete, you can see that disk group 0 is the same as the hot spare for disk group 1 .

6 , remove hot spares, go to the PD Mgmt menu, move the cursor to the thermal spare, press F2, select Remove Hot Spare, enter remove

Configure Standalone Hot spares:
1, under the configured Virtual Disk Management interface, move the cursor to the disk group that needs to configure the independent hot spares, press F2 key, select Manage Ded in the menu that appears . HS

2 , move the cursor to the hard disk that needs to be configured as hot spare, press SPACEBAR, and see the X ID, indicating that the hard drive is selected. Move the cursor to OK and enter to complete the configuration

3 , you can see that disk group 0 already has a hot spare and is dedicated. Disk group 1 does not have a hot spare.

4 , remove hot spare, same as step 1 , move the cursor to the disk group that needs to remove hot spares, press F2 , and select Manage Ded in the menu that appears . HS

5 , move the cursor to the hot spare hard drive you want to remove, press the SPACEBAR, and remove the X ID to indicate that the drive is removed. Move the cursor to OK to enter and complete the hot standby removal.

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Server Hot Spare

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