Serversuperio Designer IDE Usage Tutorial-1. Standard Modbus and non-standard protocol usage, testing, and driver development. Attached: v4.2 release

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Serversuperio Designer IDE v4.2 version update content:

  • Add to run the program, you can use the IDE to test, host is the operating environment.
  • Increase the import monitoring point function for device drivers.
  • Fixed the slow form of closing forms after OPC client configuration.
  • Modify the Save Tag value to object.
  • Optimize other code.


1. Use, test and drive development of standard Modbus and non-standard protocols ... 2

1.1 Overview ... 2

1.2 Standard Modbus use and testing ... 2

1.3 Use and testing of non-standard protocols ... 2

1.4 Device-driven development ... 2

1.1 Overview

The Designer IDE is developed entirely on a serversuperio basis, and of course two of times developers can develop their own IDE environment to apply to the company's products and projects. I've developed an IDE environment before, but it's far from being a product. The designer IDE's framework is relatively mature and extensible, and can be used for system development and configuration using the designer IDE, with formal deployment running.

In the future, it will be connected with the Web configuration, used for graphical modeling, from the bottom sensor to the cloud to monitor the rapid realization of " instant-on- display", communication and graphics modeling is fully decoupled, is a high-speed network (such as 5G) environmental development trend. At the same time, for the SME pre-sale design, project deployment and implementation of a full range of solutions. The overall application, hope for the company and people will have a substantial improvement.

serversuperio Designer IDE 4.2 Download: Http://

1.2 Use and testing of standard Modbus

There are many devices or sensors that are known as Modbus protocols, but in practice the standard Modbus protocol is modified, a lot of this situation, in essence, custom protocols.

(1 ) Download Modbus Slave , and then set

Baidu download itself, mainly used to simulate the use of Modbus protocol terminal equipment and sensors. Do not understand the Modbus protocol friends, first make up lessons. Achieve the effect of running, such as:

Step one: Next to the Modbus Slave settings, select "Setup", "Slave Definition", the slave address, function code, register start address and number of settings, such as:

Step two: Download virtual Serial port driver software to achieve virtual connection between COM1 and COM2. Such as:

Step three: Select "Connection", "Connect" to set the key parameters of the communication, such as:

At this point, the analog data source terminal is set up.

(2 ) Deploy the designer IDE And is set to implement with Modbus Slave Communication

Step one: Deploy the designer IDE, the latest version is V4.2,:, specific deployment see: " Deployment Manual . docx". Run the ServerSuperIO.Designer.exe main interface, such as:

Step Two: Right-click on "service instance", "Add Service instance", set the basic parameters of the service, other parameters can be left unchanged, if the scene needs advanced parameter setting, then it depends on the situation. A service instance can mount multiple device drivers, service plug-ins, and so on. Such as:

Step three: In the service instance you just created, right-click to select "Device-driven management", you can see the area on the right has device management and the corresponding device monitoring point management. Such as:

Step four: Select "Add Device Driver" to set the device basic parameters and communication parameters, such as:

Step five: Select the device driver just added, and in the rightmost area Select "Add monitoring Point", corresponding to the Modbus slave set up and configuration, read the data information of two monitoring points.

Read the settings for the first register data, such as:

Read the settings for the second register data, such as:

Step Six: Select "Debug", "Run", the actual effect can be the sensor two register data read up, such as:

1.3 Use and testing of non-standard protocols

The use and testing of non-standard protocols is consistent with the operation of Modbus, but the selection of additional device drivers and configurations to increase the monitoring point depends on the actual situation. The driver protocol, see: "To develop a set of device drivers, while supporting the serial and network communications" Send and receive protocol chapters.

(1 ) Configure device drivers and monitoring points

Step one: Increase the device driver, such as:

Step two: Increase the monitoring points, such as:

(2 ) Start the analog terminal

Run the "Testdevice (analog terminal equipment). exe" program in the test tool catalog and configure the serial port parameters, such as:

(3 ), select Debug, "Run" to achieve performance, such as:

1.4 Device-driven development

Standard Modbus device driver case download: Https://

Non-standard device driver case download: Https://

Development device driver process see: "such as the development of a set of device drivers, while supporting serial and network communication," may be changed in the interface method, combined with the Modbus device driver case development of their own device driver on the line. In addition, the development of equipment driver is more flexible, not necessarily to configure the monitoring point, you can also write data storage operations in the device driver, but to consider the data processing congestion, do not affect the Serversuperio device-driven overall scheduling.

Once you have configured and tested your system using the designer IDE, you can choose to start the console as a runtime environment with the following effects:

1.[serial] "C # communication (Serial and network) framework design and implementation"

2.[Open source]c# cross-platform IoT communication Framework Serversuperio (Ssio) Introduction

2. Superio (SIO) and open-source cross-platform IoT framework Serversuperio (SSIO) building a system's overall solution

3.c# Technology Roadmap for industrial IoT and Integrated system solutions (data source, data acquisition, upload and receive, ActiveMQ, Mongodb, WEBAPI, mobile app)

5.github Address: Https://

6. Help small and medium-sized enterprise cloud, promote industrial Internet platform flourish, complete solution.

Internet of Things & Integration Technology QQ Group:54256083

Serversuperio Designer IDE Usage Tutorial-1. Standard Modbus and non-standard protocol usage, testing, and driver development. Attached: v4.2 release

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