Service leasing companies-new forms of companies in the SOA Environment

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SOA is destined to become an opportunity for business restructuring within the world, and will also promote many emerging companies, such: Service Leasing Company. Today, SOA has come to us practically. within the enterprise, SOA has become a major opportunity for business process restructuring. Many theories and practices guide this revolution, at the same time, SOA is also promoting the emergence of some new forms of companies, such as Google. Its Maps API allows many companies to provide better services to their customers through technologies such as mashup, this sprout will form a new form of company: Service leasing company.

A service leasing company is a software company that charges fees by developing service APIs to its own customers. The service leasing company's main business is to provide its own customers with public APIs, which encapsulate the business logic and data needed during the enterprise's operation, you can complete a certain type of business by assembling and calling these Apis;
For example, a Talent Service Company A discloses its talent pool and related business processing in the form of services, this includes checking the talent pool, publishing recruitment information, communication between users and talents, and other business processing and corresponding data storage. Another Company B wants to complete its own talent management, they lack experience and resources to do this. They can directly purchase the API services of the Talent Service Company and assemble their own talent management systems through these services, complete talent information collection, recruitment information release, and other services.

At present, the leasing companies are suitable for the following business areas: talent management and enterprise internal collaboration systems. The biggest feature of these systems is that they can be completed only with sufficient professional knowledge, or you must have enough technical reserves. 

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