Set up a private chain environment based on the ether block chain

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First, learn the following simple command-line actions: Geth Build private chain:
After learning, you will learn some Geth developer model to test the concept of mining, transfer, intelligent contract, and then do the following blog to build a private chain:

Blog Address:
Original reference article: 1.   Http:// 2.   Http:// 3.   Https:// 4.   Https:// 5.   Https:// m/wiki/mining 6.   Https:// m/wiki/managing-your-accounts 7. Https://

Other reference address: Based on the development of the Etheric Square FAQ: Geth's use primer: chenyufeng1991/article/details/53458175 use Geth to build a private chain: 53471576

As a result, I've built three accounts and can transfer between accounts.

Note: 1. Because the geth of Bowen is relatively old, the creation block file to add Config configuration, and the contents of the JSON to use the hexadecimal value of 2.geth to run up after the creation of an account, do not create an account will prompt error 3. With Mist Wallet and Ethereum-wallet.exe can see the private chain 4. When digging, if you do not want to stop, but want to execute a command, you can open a terminal, and then input Geth attach, will be connected to the mining terminal, input miner.stop () can also stop digging mine.

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