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Dynamic things, always give people a vivid feeling. When you're making a presentation, you'll usually animate some of the content (slices, text, and so on) on the slide, in addition to the slide transitions, so that the slides don't look too stiff.

1. Create animation effect

Select the objects you want to animate, such as text, pictures, and so on. Click the Animation tab, click the down arrow after no animation, and select an animation effect, as shown in 1.

2. Make emphasis on animation effect

The attentive reader will find that in the previous animation settings, PowerPoint only provides an animated effect when an object enters, such as setting an exit, emphasizing, and so on. PowerPoint provides a custom animation effect feature that allows you to define various animations. Here's how to create a stress animation effect.

1th step, select the object you want to animate. such as text content.

2nd step, click the Animation tab. Then click the Custom Animation button, and the Custom animation pane appears to the right of the window.

3rd step, click on the "Add Effect" button, select Tochinami "Strong wither". In the expanded menu, choose an emphasis effect, such as zoom in/Zoom out, as shown in 2.

In the 4th step, a ^ action entry is added in the Custom Animation pane. Select the action entry to set the animation's trigger event in start, such as Click Mouse, or before or after to trigger the animation. You can set the speed of the animation in speed. As shown in 3. Click the Play button or the show Slides button to preview the effect.

3. Third grade English book Courseware production exit animation effect

After you set the entry and Accent animations for a title, text, picture, and so on, you sometimes need to set an exit animation effect for it, for example, you need to display multiple objects in the same location. When an object appears, exit after a certain amount of time, and then other objects appear. The production of the exit animation effect is similar to that of the animation effect, which can be designed by reference.

4. Animate motion Path animation effect

The previous study of several animation effects, we can not according to their own ideas to set the object's motion path, then how to let the slide in the text or pictures, according to their own wishes to move it? This is also very simple, we only need to set the motion of moving objects in advance, when the slide show, The object will be moving according to the route we have specified. Take the example of "small left-to-right loop walk" in Figure 4.

1th step, insert the Beetle animation in the slide and move it to the lower-left corner of the slide.

2nd step, select the inserted gold #. Picture, click the Animation tab, click the Custom Animation button to open the Custom Animation pane.

3rd, click the "Add Effect" button, select "Custom Path", select "right" to create the goldfish from left to right to move the effect, 5 shows.

4th step, in the Custom animation pane, click the down arrow to the right of the new animation item, select the timing item, 6, and the right dialog box pops up.

5th, in Start, select items other than click, and in Repeat, select until end of slide, where the goldfish slides, and the goldfish starts to swim from left to right until the last slide, 7. When set, click the OK button.

5. Make Sound effects

Using the previous methods to make the animation, by default, there is no sound, then how to make a sound painting effect? The following continues the previous example of the production, for goldfish to add a sound effect when seen.

1th step, select the beetle to add the picture, open the "Custom Animation" window, single out the goldfish animation after the downward arrow, choose "Effect options."

2nd step, select a sound effect in the sound, such as "Wind Chimes", 8, click the "OK" button.

6. Adjust the animation playback order

When you have created more than one animation in a slide, if you want to adjust the playback order of the animation, you can click the direction arrows around the rearrange order in the Custom Animation pane.

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Set a custom animation in a PowerPoint presentation

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