Setting the CXF WebService client timeout length

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When using webservice, we usually set the request timeout limit in the client to avoid long-time connections to unavailable servers. In a CXF environment, the client can configure the time-out limit with two properties: Connectiontimeout-webservice is based on a TCP connection, which can be understood as the time setting of the TCP handshake, which exceeds the set time as a connection timeout. In milliseconds, The default is 30000 milliseconds, or 30 seconds. ReceiveTimeout-This property is the time to wait for a response after sending a WebService request, which is considered to be a response time-out over a set length. In milliseconds, the default is 60000 milliseconds, or 60 seconds.

There are two ways to configure the client:

One, set in the spring configuration file.

<?xml version= "1.0" encoding= "UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns= "Http://" xmlns:x Si= "Http://" xmlns:jee= "Http://" Xmlns:jax Ws= "Http://" xmlns:http-conf= "Http://" xsi:s chemalocation= "Http:// Spring-beans-2.0.xsd Http:// HTTP://WWW.SPRINGFRAMEWORK.ORG/SCHEMA/JEE/SPR Ing-jee-2.0.xsd Http:// HTTP://CXF . ">  

Here are a few places to note:
1, need to specify http-conf namespace: Xmlns:http-conf=
2, specify the mode location: Http://
3. The Name property in Http-conf:conduit, specifying the service to which the setting is in effect. The Name property consists of the service's namespace, port name in the WSDL, and ". Http-conduit", such as {}helloworld.http- Conduit If you set the Name property to "*.http-conduit", all services will be in effect.

Second, through the Java code to set up. Alternatively: The server side can also be set to the spring code as follows: <!--set the response timeout limit on the server side, now using the default value of 30 seconds--
★ For more detailed configuration please refer to CXF official documentation:



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