Seven Sins of domestic open-source projects

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Seven Sins of domestic open-source projects


Nowadays, the International Open-Source Software trend has become more and more obvious, and it is almost unstoppable.

Generally, the reason why people prefer open-source projects is that open-source projects have the following seven advantages: 1. Security 2. Reliability/stability 3. Open Standards and get rid of vendor dependencies 4. reduce dependency on software imports 5. Enhance software capabilities 6. prevent piracy, compliance with the intellectual property rights treaty and WTO provisions 7. Software Localization

However, it is a pity that, compared with the hot development of open-source communities in the world, domestic open-source projects are somewhat lonely and deserted, and even Mr. Li Kaifu is quite vocal about this. Of course, there are many reasons for this situation, not one or two sentences can be clearly explained. Therefore, I will not mention the objective social impact here. I would like to make some superficial "Speculation" on the subjective situation of Chinese open-source people and name it the Seven Sins of domestic open-source projects.


1. The seven sins-"Gluttony": the Bible says, "These dogs are greedy and have no appetite. The herdsmen cannot understand that each person leads his or her own way and asks for his or her own interests from all parties ."


Most people may have such a rigid impression that they think that most of the motives for domestic open-source projects are not pure. They just use the "open-source" flag as a means and stepping stone to seek their own private interests.

For example, some non-streaming shell companies reintegrate the code of some non-profitable old projects and publish the source code, which is called an enterprise-level open-source project. No license is specified, it claims that it has been officially open-source. For example, in some small workshops, three or four people are called to arm seven or eight "Guns" and search for the source code of some obsolete projects on the Internet. To change the source code and display the exceptions with Chinese characters, if you have successfully established an open-source team, you can reasonably accept VIP members and collect donations.

It is true that open-source is not so easy. We have problems with eating and talking about open-source. Everyone is not Lei Feng. Even if they are Lei Feng, they also need to eat, dress, and live at home. Of course they do not have the money. But the problem is that there is a limit to everything. The so-called "too late", for example, if you are a big guy with over 170 catties, you will be energetic and energetic, even a few bowls of rice have no criticism for others; but if you are a three-five-year-old doll, even the chewing function is not fully developed, you just need to swallow the entire table full of seats, seeing that the vast majority of food will be wasted by this doll will certainly cause dissatisfaction and controversy among others.

The same is true for open-source projects. Most people are opposed to open-source projects by Chinese people. They do not hate Chinese products, but hate limited funds for being "eaten by dogs ", in addition, China is also rich in "X-core", "smart star anti-virus software", "decimal network experts" and other "things", which make us feel "Sorry for its misfortune, but we are furious ", naturally, all things in the name of Chinese open-source are "looked at differently", and Chinese open-source projects do not know how to repent, it is a pity that it is still "greedy", but it is always "chewy". In the end, it is still "greedy.

2. The seven sins-"greed": the Bible says, "greed is the same as worship idol. Greedy means that we put material and money in the most important position. What he worships is material and money, which is exactly the same as worship idol ."


In essence, greed cannot be regarded as a bad thing, but at most it can be regarded as a common inferiority of mankind. He is one of the most basic desires of mankind. From a certain point of view, without greed, there will be no progress of mankind today. It is precisely because of the desire for more possession and more benefits that humans have evolved to this day. If there is no greedy desire to invent computers, I am afraid that it is unknown whether modern humans have mastered the knot.

But in many Chinese open-source projects, the significance of greed has played a negative role. For example, many open-source projects in China, in order to be the same as the construction of our motherland, "How fast, good and fast", greatly modify and use the source code of other similar projects without specifying the source code, and do not comply with the license of others' projects; just like the mountain Master in "tianlong Babu", his own foundation is not weak, although the savvy is a few extraordinary and can compete for a short time with the sumo wisdom, but as a host of Qiliang temple, he cannot develop his martial arts with one mind, I have to go to the Shaolin Temple to steal martial arts. I just want to steal learning from the temple, for example, Ji mozhi, Mu rongbo, and others. At the same time, I also have a "Learning Heart ", however, I do not want to change the name and appearance of the martial arts, and become a peerless ROLE OF THE Qingliang temple, so as to lay the leadership position of my "master", it is inevitable that people will not give up. As for the code, even if you don't do anything on the surface, it's as if there are too many simple examples.

What are the greatest challenges facing domestic open-source projects? It is not a criticism from Chinese people, it is not a mature third-party open-source component, or a pirated act that does not respect intellectual property rights. Piracy is not conducive to our technological progress, but also to the development of the open-source business. If everyone wants to gain nothing for nothing, everyone will get nothing for greed. Respect for license can be respected by everyone. Therefore, please note that if you want to copy other people's code, please reserve the copyright for them, and ask a worker to help sharpen the trademark for the sake of hand core. Nothing is yours. Although greedy is not a big sin, it must be rational.


3. Seven Sins-Sloth: The Bible says, "Laziness makes people sleep, and slack people suffer from hunger ."


Laziness is like hard work. It is more or less owned by everyone, but it does not often reflect quality. Since ancient times, Chinese people have understood the simple principle of "diligence, waste, thinking, and destruction", but few people have been able to abide by it for thousands of years.

In open-source projects, we mention laziness, not the lazy mechanism. It makes sense to reduce database pressure and avoid unnecessary resource waste due to data lag; we are not satisfied with the inertia of many Chinese projects. For example, on SourceForge, there are not very few projects from China, but what really persists is rare. Many Chinese projects often only start with one or two versions, even if you apply for a project, you will not be able to see anyone without sending the program. There are also good documentation support, but also "the poor and the blue fall under the yellow spring, the two are not seen ".

We all need to strengthen a concept. The so-called open-source projects are not the same as what we do in the company. A company's projects are usually planned for direct interests. If the company goes bankrupt or its business changes, the project may be canceled. Open-source projects are not necessarily the same. Many projects are maintained by fans, but they may suddenly become unavailable. You have to be prepared. Even if you leave, this project will continue. The purpose of a project is not only for you, but also for us to prepare for it in many aspects, without perseverance, laziness is an enemy of all developers and never exception to open-source projects. Laziness can only be reflected in programming ideas, and never be involved in the development process.


4. The seven sins-lust (lust): The Bible says, "You have heard something that says you cannot commit. I just told you that if you see a woman, you will be masturbate to him ."


Lust. It may be a bit ambiguous to use this word. I prefer to interpret it as the "libiduo" mentioned by flink, that is, the pleasure of all physical organs that contain sexual desires. According to the theory of mental analysis, life is also instinct, and death is also instinct. The instinct of life is mainly reflected in "more.

According to flink's theory, people sometimes want to masturbate beyond their control. They all respond instinctively under the trend of "force-to-power". This is what common people do, there is no shame.

However, in the open-source projects of many Chinese people, it has become a "false, big, and empty" Q spirit victory method, turning it into a "arrogant" Obscenity. I will say how much I fit the MDA, after a while, I will say that I am pragmatic and kickstart. It seems that all the benefits of my project have been occupied by heaven and earth. It seems that the world is only born for itself until today. In fact, in most people's eyes, this practice is no different from the frequent masturbation of adolescent children, but simply venting their own instinct desires, although the current economic propaganda is one of the essential means, excessive exaggerated propaganda can only be counterproductive. When will a child grow up and be able to "handle countless women", I am afraid I will not publicize my "glorious war history" everywhere. The so-called "great career" is the sin that Chinese open-source people need to take for granted.


5. Envy: The Bible says, "If you have any, you have to give him extra money. No, even all of him will be taken ."


"Whenever there is, you have to give him extra money. No, even all of him will be taken ." Well, this sentence tells the reason why most people are jealous.

When explaining "Ambition" in the crosstalk, I said, "The implication of ambition is that, if someone is not good to me, I will" Revenge ". The same is true for jealousy. If there is anything I don't have, I will envy anyone. This is jealousy. In the fairy tale, the Fox said that the grapes they could not eat were sour, and Mr. Wang protested against the monopoly of Microsoft. Even if I write this blog, it may be attributed to jealousy.

Jealousy is because "no", but what if you get jealous? If you don't have the skills, you can only silently hate the injustice of fate in your heart. At most, you may complain with your friends. If you use some techniques, you will spread articles that are not conducive to your jealousy, to thoroughly smear all of his skills, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of them. If there are some real/fake skills ", then, we will simply beat down or scare our opponent to the ground, and completely strip all of his, when leaving, you do not forget to add the "waste" and "garbage" product identification to the other party ".

The so-called "peer is a family of friends", the people are light, programmers are also light. If someone else's code is wrong, it is difficult to escape the "reputation" of "garbage". Even if it is well written, it is aimed at the current situation of domestic open-source projects, it is also likely to be ignored, not only between open-source projects and programmers, but also between open-source projects and open-source projects. For example, in this case, a programmer has built a blog or forum that looks awesome, and a B open source has written something on it, if you intentionally or unintentionally violate the "Master interests" of A, it is dangerous to be deleted by A. This is a kind of "Chinese characteristic. I am not talking about how programmers in China are doing, but emphasizing being objective and good. Envy, in the final analysis, is because it cannot meet your own needs, but it cannot satisfy your own needs.


6. Wrath: The Bible says, "a furious person will be punished. If you save him, you must save him again ."


Western culture is used to personal heroism, which is characterized by the fact that leading figures are easily influenced by the likes and dislikes of the moment and affect their judgment and actions. Among the several emotions that can influence decision-making, anger is clearly at the top, otherwise there will be no saying "Achilles' anger" in Europe.

It is true that we are not "heroes" of mixed blood, and we may not have the courage and ability to attack and kill the enemy for the sake of beauty or for the sake of friends. However, "anger" is an important emotional factor that our living people have experienced and will continue to experience. Some people may never love it for the rest of their lives, but few may never be angry for the rest of their lives.

It is impossible for people to get angry with everything and behavior, but the Gospel says, "an angry person will be punished. If you save him, you must save him again. ", This is to ask people from the perspective of God, not personality. It also shows that all angry behaviors will have a price.

Although there are occasional comments on domestic open-source projects, there are more criticism and complaints. This provides nutrient solution for anger generation, which comes from two aspects: one from open-source project participants and the other from critics of these projects.

First of all, people who participate in open-source projects will think that they have paid and worked hard, but no one can understand it. Instead, there are so many cool-bjections that will only memorize the APIs, if you leave a third-party component outside of China and wish to survive, do you have the right to say "I? Can they write it by themselves? Injustice, sighs, helplessness, and sorrow will eventually combine the anger of open-source people.

Secondly, for most programmers, they do not care about the components to be used, but are more concerned about the stability, security, versatility, documentation support, and other aspects of the use of this component, and even the company's requirements, most Chinese open-source projects do not have the possibility and need to be used. Moreover, the average level of open-source projects in Chinese people is indeed low Based on the team size, development time, and test degree, why not let others say it? What kind of capital do you have to say about such Spam? We just don't want to reinvent the wheel. It's better to write than you! Professionalism has prompted many programmers to be disappointed with Chinese open-source projects, which directly leads to anger.

The two angry points are bound to form confrontation. However, this confrontation is meaningless. What technology is used and what framework is used? In the end, it is only a programmer's internal business. At most, it is a "Name and reality competition". It has nothing to do with our final service object, the user. I think it's better to be angry.

7. Seven Sins-Pride: The Bible says, "arrogance and humiliation also come; humble people have wisdom ."

The old saying has cloud: "The rich are born and the rich are proud of being born and expensive. .", Arrogance comes from attitude, and more from people's social status.

In China, even the children of cadres at the department level will have much better education and further education opportunities than the children of Common Workers. It has always been one of several irreversible factors that determine the fate of Chinese people throughout their lives.

Similar to open-source projects, for example, if you graduated from Beihang University with a bachelor's degree in computer science, you may naturally look down on the open-source projects that students from other schools participate in, and make a master's degree in software engineering from the Chinese Emy of sciences, it is also likely that you will not look down on this undergraduate course, and those "turtles" who travel back from abroad may not be vulgar in general. We can find that many open-source teams are willing to write their senior team members rather than the first line of the member profile. Only when this item is insufficient to show off, in order to replace it with something else. Academic qualifications, certificates, qualifications, and so on are not directly related to open-source projects, but have become an important standard that affects the quality and quality of an open-source project.

What's more, the third-party framework is encapsulated twice, and a suffix such as around und and side is added to the project name. As a result, I am proud to announce that I am the best in the world, this is really arrogant. I don't know what such projects should be counted as. If they are counted as self-developed new projects, they won't be able to run without the original framework. What are the new features of the original framework and what APIs should be changed, if they do not change this project, they will be completely over. If they are counted as component enhancement packages, it means there are still deficiencies in the original framework, but they will not contribute to the original project to modify the code, I don't understand how to expand my project. Is it more meaningful to improve the engine of a car than to install another ox car behind it? Is this work as meaningful as I claim?

"With an open mind, people make progress, and pride make people fall behind. This is not the attitude of Chinese open-source people who are still in the development stage.

The above is my crude comment on the "seven sins" of the open-source project in China. It is really difficult for you to get to the door and just give a smile.


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