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With the fiery electronic commerce, more and more e-commerce sites appear in the Internet industry, in addition to the traditional e-commerce companies, and now many enterprises have their own e-commerce sites, there are many enterprises began to enter this area, resulting in more intense competition, and occasionally a price war this kind of thing. Benign E-commerce is still to meet the actual needs of customers, improve e-commerce sales and customer satisfaction to make the enterprise sustainable development, short-term price war to attract customers will not necessarily bring long-term benefits, and a good shopping experience can bring word-of-mouth effect and repeat customers, personally believe that the electronic business site or to enhance the user experience Efforts, Jingdong Mall has also claimed to build the industry's best user experience E-commerce site, it is not clear that no one recognized this point.

The electric trader promotes the user experience to a large extent is to enhance customer satisfaction, according to the Triangle law of Customer relationship Management (CRM), customer satisfaction = Customer Experience-Customer expectation. Customer expectations are inversely proportional to customer satisfaction, so customer expectations need to be guided and maintained at an appropriate level, while customer expectations need to be aligned with the customer experience. In the electronic commerce, the customer's perceived value not only comes from the product's physical value, but also comes from the product's spiritual value, because in the network marketing, the customer can not rely on touch, touch, smell and so on to perceive the product value. Therefore, the determinants of customer satisfaction in E-commerce transactions are mainly as follows:

(1) The concept of satisfaction, including operating purposes, business philosophy, values and corporate spirit of satisfaction;

(2) Image satisfaction, including the enterprise domain name, corporate Web page design and content design, corporate logo satisfaction;

(3) Behavior satisfaction, including behavior mechanism, behavior rules, advertising behavior, online etiquette satisfaction, etc.;

(4) Product satisfaction, including product quality, price, function, design, packaging, varieties, grade and so satisfied;

(5) Service satisfaction, including service reliability, timeliness, accuracy, security, continuity, integrity, emotional and so on.

Can try personalized product customization, convenient and efficient service, a clear commitment to service, increase customer value, reduce customer costs, and thus improve customer satisfaction. Here are some simple personal ideas.

Product design

This piece believes that everyone has reached a consensus, the user-centric product design concept more and more people, e-commerce sites throughout the convenience of browsing, shopping process convenient operation, the layout of the display of goods, and so on, to a large extent, will affect the user's shopping experience. Regarding this aspect, each electrical product ued or the product design personnel certainly all is must work hard to study, now each color electric quotient unceasingly, the respective design difference is also quite big, but some tends to mature design has been gradually to use, especially for reference domestic and foreign mature product design, Also have reference to other areas of product design ideas to serve with the electrical business, it can be said that everyone is trying to make their products better, to enhance the user experience in the use. Whether it is simple design or gorgeous rendering, as long as the direction is the same, combined with its own attributes, will not deviate from the essence of improving the user experience. For comparison of the online shopping experience has been 5 years of my, has been very obvious feeling to the current browsing-shopping-payment process has been optimized a lot of, become more and more humane, all the design to meet the needs of the target users as the basic point, improve customer satisfaction as the goal, This design product will certainly be popular with users.


Product Access speed: including the speed of Web site access and now more and more Electronic Business app access speed. When users visit the product, if half a day does not respond, I think a lot of people will give up. Ordinary users do one thing will have a tolerance, more than the limit of endurance, the consequences of course very serious. The best is to be able to do real-time response, this depends on the network environment, is not yet possible, the page loading speed can be below 1 seconds, for the average user has been and immediate response almost. A few days ago saw a body of the main electric network evaluation report showed that the current only easy and 1th stores is less than 1 seconds, the rest are more or less more than. The access speed of the product will have a great impact on the user's browsing operation experience, so we should optimize the website from the technical point of view, reduce the time waiting for loading, improve the response speed, to maintain the user's smooth shopping experience.

Delivery speed, which refers to the length of time from the user to the completion of the distribution process, this actually contains a lot of content, there is supply chain management, warehousing logistics management, distribution management, for the user intuitive experience is distribution, to upgrade the speed of distribution or to enhance the internal strength, do a good job in supply chain and warehousing logistics, This requires a good sound management process, take the warehouse management, from the commodity into the library to classify businesses, according to the batch selection, sorting, packaging, and finally waiting for the distribution of the library, there are many doorways, optimize one of the links, for the effect of quantification, is very considerable. For larger electric dealers, many have begun to try to build warehousing logistics and distribution, the reason may be by themselves to control the entire process, according to the changing market environment and technical conditions, optimize the process, reduce the merchandise from the next single to the time to the library, thereby promoting the delivery speed.

Return rate, refers to the time from the user to apply for returns to the actual operation of the completion of the process. To say what is the most complex e-commerce process, may be the return process, can be broken down into returns and replacement process. Take a replacement, there are the same goods replacement, the same value of different goods exchange, different value of different goods and other items, and then involved in promotions, points, discounts, concessions, inventory, compensation, whether door-to-door replacement and so on, the impact of many aspects of the return process is more complex. Excluding malicious, temporary changed mind, no matter, the general user will not arbitrarily return goods, may really is the commodity has the problem, this time itself gives the user the feeling already bad, if the speed is not quick, only will let the user even more dissatisfied. Therefore, timely response to timely processing, through the system to optimize the return of goods flow, effectively improve the processing speed, can alleviate the user's negative feelings, improve satisfaction.

Refund speed, refers to the user's order occurred when the return, cancellation and other circumstances, need to refund the time of the user's process length. Money from the return, order cancellation operation occurred to the user account, this process normally requires 3-5 working days, but if the electric dealer has a third-party payment license, it will have the inherent advantages, you can directly back to the user account, and is real-time, such as Taobao, Taobao Mall and other platforms, can be directly back to use Account balance, so that users can continue to use. If you do not have a third party to pay the license, you need to negotiate with each payment method provider to discuss the refund interface, if it is from the bank, you have to return to the bank, that is, the way the original way back, although it can guarantee the security of money, but the timeliness of a lot of difference, and users can not immediately reuse, will affect the user experience. Only through the optimization process, less manual intervention of the link, as fast as possible with the system to achieve automatic refund, to improve the speed of refund.

Customer response speed. When customer service received complaints from users, consultation, if not real-time feedback, the need for customer service line to be processed before giving users feedback, which requires the development of the corresponding level of the SLA, in particular, the need to resolve the user's problem, to give users a satisfactory answer to appease the user's negative feelings. If there is a xuyuweishe, deliberate procrastination does not deal with, or go down the drain, the user will no longer shop in the electric business, and will be word-of-mouth spread, affect the people around them.


In electronic commerce, the biggest advantage is to be able to provide comprehensive product information through the website. The main purpose of the customer visit the website is to have a thorough understanding of the products and services, the value of the website is to show the user the product description and picture even multimedia information flexibly, even if a simple web site is at least equivalent to a product publicity material that can be updated at any time. Product presentation is a form of information release, however, the meaning of information dissemination is obviously more extensive, the website is an information carrier, within the scope of the law, can publish all good corporate image, customer service and promote sales of corporate news, product information, promotional information, tender information, cooperation information and recruitment information. In the actual operation, through the establishment of online automatic service system, according to the needs of customers, automatic and timely delivery of quality services through the network; Establish a fast and timely information dissemination system, so that all kinds of information can be passed to the user in a timely manner; Establish the real-time communication system of the information, strengthen the communication with the users in culture and emotion, and collect and analyze the users ' opinions and suggestions at any time.

The release of this section of information is summed up in four areas: first, to allow the system to support the perfect commodity description, merchandise display information, so that users better understand the goods; The second is to have a sound enterprise introduction, website operators and other information to obtain the trust of users; third, the establishment of online customer service system, FAQ Help system, Provide timely and quality service; Four is to establish communication channels with the user, such as forums, feedback, and so on, and other like customer service center, 400 phone This can be very good services to users, through these aspects to enhance the user experience.

Personalized service, regardless of the personalized customization of goods, mainly on the service level, such as personalized distribution services, easy to "lightning send" has been its characteristics, fast delivery speed attracted a lot of customers; personalized referral services, Amazon's recommendation system has been praised by people; personalized return and replacement services, The return and Exchange system of store 1th provides a very humanized service, and so on, personalization will pay a certain price, but also can get the corresponding value, so that some customers get a good user experience.


Corporate image is particularly important to do E-commerce is the most important thing is to win the trust of users, there is no trust and there is no transaction, so to display enough positive information on the site to obtain the trust of visitors, including enterprise information, website operation qualification, network security logo, etc., to create this site is true, not phishing sites. Also need to use offline means to enhance corporate image, such as public welfare ah, the release of some positive news, more promotional activities, and so on, conditional to find a suitable image spokesperson, this is the customer Prudential products and Shop No. 1th do very good. There is the support of corporate culture, look at the user's services in a position.

Brand also need to rely on excellent corporate reputation to create, security is online shopping has been a concern for people, when the theft of the incident, whether the compensation processing mechanism is a test of the electricity quotient of a big problem. Moreover, online orders and shopping are full of uncertainty, that is, how to ensure that the purchase of goods is genuine? What is the credibility of the business? Is it possible to properly solve a series of after-sale problems such as replacement and maintenance? These are the problems that customers will inevitably consider. Therefore, as with traditional business, good reputation is very important to the power supplier. Through the security commitment to provide free delivery, unconditional replacement, reduce prices and other ways, in the eyes of customers to establish a good impression, and thus promote customer continuous purchase, with customers to establish a long-term dependence on the relationship, so as to enhance the user experience, but also bring considerable word-of-mouth marketing value.


Customer relationship Management is the most important to the operation of the electric business, CRM can bring the value has been deeply rooted, good customer relationship management is not only to bring repeat customers so simple, there will be a lot of additional value, such as the above mentioned Word-of-mouth dissemination, promotional activities targeted implementation, The purpose is to provide users with value incentives for commodity information and services to establish a relationship with the user, enhance the user's goodwill towards the enterprise, and thus attract new customers.

Social marketing is a relationship between marketing, relationship marketing emphasizes the interaction between enterprises and users, and strive to establish a stable, both sides of the interests of long-term cooperative relations. It is carried out by means of user Service, user participation, user organization and so on, which aims at reducing transaction cost and enhancing user value. In electronic commerce, the most characteristic of the transaction mode is "user-led", that is, the purchase intention is completely in the user's hands. The Internet makes business promotion a passive behavior, while users become active, and they query information through interactive media. Therefore, there are also electric operators to try to community-run mode, improve the user's viscosity, you can use this relationship to enhance customer satisfaction. Taobao, such as the Community model of the attempt has never stopped, whether it is Amoy lakes or "My Taobao" revision, are such a train of thought.

The above is a personal thought can enhance the electrical business user experience Some aspects, by the personal knowledge system limitation, may not be comprehensive, also hoped everybody supplements. At the moment, the heat of the electricity business will continue, this from the 17startup statistics can be seen, the number of entrepreneurs in the mode of business is far higher than other aspects, how to be a successful electric business, is each have electric business dream people have been in pursuit of, need to start from the drip, user experience is an important aspect. Along with the development of the electric business, the net buys the user also gradually to be rational, the pure price war cannot completely attract the user, the key still must compete the service, creates the best user experience.

However, it is not easy to do any one, all need continuous improvement, no best only better.

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