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1, Application for uploading modified files to a FTP Server

2. FTP client library for C #


3. An FTP client library for. NET 2.0

4. Simple FTP demo application using C #. NET 2.0


5,FTP component written with fully managed code

6,EasyFTP 1.3.2 (for applications)


7,Ftppublisher, an FTP file synchronization Tool

8. Net FTP client,
This is a pure. Net Implementation of the FTP client protocol. It aims to run both in Microsoft's. Net Clr and the mono CLR.


9. File syncer
File syncer between folders and FTP servers.

10. autonomaftp
Autonomaftp is a handy tool for website developers: It monitors a local directory and, each time a new file is created, it automatically sends it to the server through FTP. requires. net Framework 2.0 or higher.

11. ftp4net
Ftp4net is a C # class for communication with FTP server, which conforms to the RFC 959 (FTP ). it \'s an API that handles all FTP protocol commands. this class is designed for creating FTP client software. net

12. # ftp #
# Ftp # is a fully managed FTP client in C #, with features including a site manager, queued tasks schedures. # ftp # is based on Indy sockets Library

13. dotnetcommonupload
A common interface to upload and manage all upload files. it's write by it's help you maintenance upload images and Flash files cross site. files will be storage like: IMG. (Your domain ). com flash. (Your domain ). com

14. thinksharp FTP client component for. net
This Assembly is a client component to communicate with a given FTP server. it has no GUI but rich underlaying functionalitylike detailed listing, recursive upload, download and deletion. it also supports binary/ASCII transer type and ACTV/PASV Mode

15. FTP. net
Multi-threaded FTP program written in C #, multithreading, not bad!


16. FTP official download and asynchronous upload examples


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