Several issues that must be prepared for new users to choose cheap VPS hosts/merchants

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Due to reduced hardware market costs and increased competition among host providers, we will find that the price of VPS and server market prices are getting lower and lower. Render manager is the webmaster who builds websites, it is still possible that users who do not have a little bit of Linux technical skills are ready to directly migrate from virtual hosts to use VPS hosts and servers, as well as the ability to directly use VPS to build various environments.

Whether it's a VPS host with high costs or high prices, as our users, especially new users, especially those who have not suffered any losses and have a variety of extremely high-trust businesses and stable VPS hosts, we need to be prepared. Every year, we can see that data is lost due to the running of several businesses and business Adjustments. We also see that startup data cannot be recovered due to various reasons that make the server abnormal.

This includes a recent example where a service provider fails to promptly handle the problem of the customer's server VPS host due to a business trip, as a result, the customer data is shelved on the server and cannot be backed up temporarily and cannot be temporarily transferred and restored to other servers. Of course, there are merchant factors, but as our users, we must predict these problems and be prepared. Whether we are a veteran of VPS users or choose to use it only when we see the cheap temptation, we need a few preparations.

I. Data backup problems

The same problem occurred a few days ago because the host provider could not be contacted to solve the problem. As a result, no data was backed up from the beginning of last year to the present, I want to temporarily transfer my website without data. Fortunately, the seller is not running. If it is running, who will lose it? Therefore, data backup is particularly important. We need to selectively back up data based on the data volume of our project, such as regular backups during monthly, weekly, or even data changes. Manual backup can be used for a small amount of data, which is especially important. We can use daily or synchronous incremental backup on a regular basis.

This is also important when we use virtual hosts. Render manager assumes that we are using a veteran service provider or a novice individual merchant. Theoretically, there are risks. This is just a matter of time, so we should not be lucky. Because many people may have a habit of backing up data, but the business is still stable in the future, so they will relax their vigilance. This is often the case, and risks are approaching step by step.

2. Domestic or foreign service providers

Both domestic and overseas host vendors have poor reputation, and they cannot say that domestic merchants are not good or that the foreign moon is round. Whether it is an individual or a company-operated service provider, the starting point must be to make better and better, it is only because of its unique problems that the operation may fail, which may lead to a series of problems, such as running, unstable, and failed after-sales service.

When selecting a host provider, we can select both foreign and domestic users, just like many old users, especially VPS and server users, if you have a new merchant, use it for the first time, or you are wary of it, you can choose monthly payment. If it is stable, you can continue to renew the service. If it is unstable, you can change to another merchant. Of course, you should not blindly refer to the evaluation before you select it. Because the evaluation has a certain timeliness and regionality, we can even choose a refund if it is unstable after testing within the conditions and policies.

3. Select virtual hosts or VPS for website creation

Many of our new webmaster users don't even connect to SSH, and then learn to use VPS. asked him why he didn't back up. He replied that he didn't know how to back up, the environment is built by people rather than VPS. Such users are highly risky when selecting and using VPS and servers. Once a problem occurs, it cannot be solved and data may be lost.
Therefore, if we build a site user and the technology cannot complete the configuration and maintenance of the VPS environment, we recommend that you first build a site with a virtual host, which may be more suitable for you. Even if we need to use VPS servers, we need to learn and practice them in advance. Because many old websites find that most users' websites do not use VPS at all, they only focus on the features of low prices, but the risks are even greater.
Fourth, cheap and stable games
In the early years, our host costs were relatively high, including less than a lot of service providers that paid US $15 a year when we first started to access VPS hosts a few days ago, for example, there are a lot of VPS paying about $10 this year, and many overseas merchants even develop various low-cost yearly payment schemes for Chinese users, and support Alipay payment and other convenient conditions.
For example, if we are a merchant, the price will be reduced to about the cost, or even seem to be at a loss, will we provide better services? The same is true when we choose over-cheap VPS. When we choose over-cheap machines, we also need to reduce the demanding requirements, such as stability and timeliness of after-sales services. Especially when we use VPS, most of the problems need to be solved by ourselves, all of which are non-managed. This is why VPS is cheaper than virtual hosts, the latter's maintenance and customer service costs will be larger.
Summary: every day, we can see a variety of cheap service providers. Some friends may even be addicted to buying machines. If we don't buy cheap machines, we will feel a loss, but I don't know what to do after I buy it. Old Left also restrained not buying machines for a period of time before, recently saw a few businesses also have a little try, or to restrain restraint and then restraint, this disease has to be treated for a long time.
When selecting VPS, especially for low-cost VPS, we need to decide whether to use it based on actual needs. Sometimes it is better to choose a stable and cost-effective machine than to purchase multiple cheap machines.

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