Several open-source overseas online mall programs

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1. magento
This is my favorite shopping cart system. This system is relatively new, but its functions are very comprehensive, especially Seo and internal optimization of the website are not bad. The whole website looks very designed.
Very professional. However, space requirements are relatively higher than those of other systems. Some users may be concerned about functions such as cross-region and proudct.
Tags are automatically generated in the background. And his bacth import, all of which are not bad. Payment Gateway is mainly paypal website payment
Standard (including North America and the UK) and its Google Checkout (level 2). Shipping
It is also very convenient to perform operations automatically. The functions are quite complete. We recommend that you study them if you have time.
2. oscommerce shopping cart
This is a relatively well-established system, and many people should know that its modules have developed to a very large number of times, and the system is also quite complete, basically the desired function, you only need to check it online. Latest Version
The express checkout of PayPal has been added. His template (website exterior design) is required for this system ):
There are still few options. Generally, you need to buy them. A template usually costs about $150. The main reason is that the template design is troublesome. Unlike some systems Program It is completely separated from the template.
3. oscmax
This is actually developed from oscommerce. The oscommerce function is basically found above.
4. Zen cart shoppping cart
It can be said that it is a system equivalent to OS, and the two systems are very similar to each other to a certain extent. In comparison with OS, this system is good because its templates and programs have been separated. (XHTML
Templates). You can download the templates from the official website.
5. cube cart
It is also a long brand, and it is free until V3 (version 3). The latest V4 is not bad, but it is charged. For his functions, his templates and programs are also separated.
This means that the selection of templates is relatively more (because it is not so difficult to develop), templates: XHTML/CSS, the website made out is relatively generous. Or is it his bulk upload?
The product feature allows you to upload products in batches. Another is that his built-in payment gateway has an additional Google Checkout.
6. Agora cart Co.,
This is an open-source system that has been used for quite a long time. It should be mentioned that its payment gateway supports many of the following: 2 checkout,
Agorapay, authorize. NET aim * (Gold version-Booster Pack), authorize. Net Sim,
Bluepay * (Gold version), echo (Gold version), EFT/ach checks, eway (gold
Version), itransact, linkpoint connect, mailed payments, offline/manual,
Niftypay, nochex * (Gold version), PayPal, PayPal IPN (Gold version only-
Lifetime option), PayPal Pro * (Gold version-Booster Pack), plugnpay,
Propay (manually), protx * (Gold version), psigate * (Gold version), USA epay,
Verisign's payflow, worldpay * (Gold version), and yourpay.
The above are some of the relatively familiar ones. You can try them out.
1. WP e-commerce at instinct entertainment
(Shopping Cart integrated with WordPress)
2. opencart
3. cpcommerce
4. digistore free
5. receivemart (a shopping cart integrated with joomla/mambo) (my favorite shopping cart, everything is complete)
6. php shop
7. Mal's
8. ubercart (Integrated shopping cart with Drupal)
9. Ecommerce (Integrated shopping cart with Drupal)

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