SGC enforces a minimum of 128-bit encryption, and the public key supports the ECC encryption algorithm's SSL certificate

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Pro SSL Certificate , verifying Enterprise Domain name ownership and enterprise identity information, using SGC (server gating) technology to enforce 128-bit to 256-bit encryption, belonging to Enterprise OV Certified Professional (PRO) SSL Certificate , even if the user is using a lower version of the browser (such as the browser encryption strength of 40-bit, 56-bit, etc.), you can also force encryption to reach the 128-bit encryption strength. Currently the SSL certificate public key is 2048 RSA encryption algorithm, and the Symantec Pro SSL certificate can also support the public key 256-bit ECC encryption algorithm. As we all know, the security of 256-bit encrypted ECC SSL certificate is equivalent to 3,072-bit RSA SSL certificate, but the encryption and decryption response of 256-bit ECC SSL certificate is 10 times times faster than the 3,072-bit RSA SSL certificate. And the public key is short and does not occupy storage space, and the lower CPU resource is more suitable for the application of mobile Internet platform.

Symantec is the world's largest digital certification authority (CA), the world's most trusted SSL certificate brand, in the field of SSL encryption is always at the forefront of technology, ECC SSL certificate will become the future trend. In addition to secure site Pro SSL Certificate products, we also offer: Secure site Pro EV SSL certificate will increase customer confidence and help your website reach its full potential; there is also a wildcard (Wildcard) SSL certificate to protect the same primary domain name Security for the next many child domain sites ...

Symantec Secure Site Pro SSL Certificate features

Verify Enterprise identity information, verify enterprise Domain name ownership, 2-3 business days to audit and verify the issuance of certificates;

The public key supports RSA, DSA, ECC 3 encryption algorithms to meet the needs of your special application.

The public key is 256-bit ECC (Elliptic curve) SSL certificate more secure, faster, more energy-efficient, more suitable for mobile terminal-oriented server platform;

Support SGC to enforce 128-bit maximum to 256-bit strong encryption strength, ensure online transaction security; Support SHA256 Signature algorithm;

The 2168-Yuan annual Norton Security Seal (Norton Secure Seal),

Provides Web site vulnerability assessment and daily website malware scanning features: protects your site from hackers

To "Yi-dimensional Letter-evtrust" Application ECC SSL certificate, free 7x24-hour technical support, 28 days unconditional cancellation of the order refund

Symantec provides security coverage: US $1.5 million ($1,500,000), so you can rest assured of the use, no worries!

SGC enforces a minimum of 128-bit encryption, and the public key supports the ECC encryption algorithm's SSL certificate

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