Shanghai Beach mad Send 450 mobile phone local portals into the era of burning money

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After more than 10 years of development, the Chinese Internet market has undergone many innovations in its product model. From the initial birth to the bubble period, and then the Soviet development so far, the Internet field of economic mode of continuous innovation, there are outspoken, but also halfway aborted.

However, it is not difficult to find that the local community this primitive BBS model has lasted for many years but still enduring. In the past year, Tencent and Alibaba have launched a fierce scramble for local community areas. April 2010 in the Alibaba reorganization of the 08 acquisition of the Tan-cheng company Hangzhou de days (phpwind), the same year in August that Tencent acquisition another forum program giant Kangsheng (DISCUZ). Ma Yun attended the Webmaster conference Phpwind held a speech at the same time, horse also attended the Discuz held 2010 Webmaster Conference speech, grassroots Webmaster became two horse battlefield, local portal became the smoke of the land.

With the help of E-commerce, Alibaba launched the local community to take a big Taobao E-commerce concept, attracted a lot of local webmaster popularity, the emergence of small fish in Xiamen, the Dragon Lane from Discuz to cast Phpwind camp. Tencent, on the other hand, countered with the concept of a large community of QQ. After attracting the Yantai forum to enable the QQ Landing drainage function, recently let the Shanghai First Forum on the beach community has enabled QQ interconnection function, for its occupation of the local community in Shanghai out of an important step.

Over the years, the local community, by virtue of its interactive, sharing, experience of the user's strong viscosity, Gaozhongshi and model of a clear and lasting profit model, for many years, such as an aircraft carrier, whether it is a blog or Weibo, is a building block for its derivatives. In recent years, the local portal has been hit by the heat of the wind, especially similar to the Shanghai Beach community, such as the big city local portals, with its vast market space, but also let the wind cast.

In August-October this year, after the Shanghai beach investment more than 1 million launched the Shanghai subway ads, and in October million yuan from the United States to buy back domain name (its original domain name is, after January, Once again millions of dollars in subway ads in Shanghai, Shanghai Beach, together with Di-Tong, will launch a large house-building activity of more than million in mid-December, when it will be made up of 450 handsets (products that contain almost all the latest products of all mobile giants, including ipone4s mobile phones, Samsung Tablet PCs, Nokia N9 new products and so on), over the value of 100,000 of mobile phone accessories, more than 300,000 yuan worth of Yunnan tourism, as well as high-grade Yunnan Puer tea, high-end beverages, such as the composition of the million gifts free of charge for the large looting of the building activities to detonate the Shanghai market. Anyone who logs on to the Shanghai Beach community to take part in the robbery will have the opportunity to receive a free prize. Such a large number of Tuirang people can not help philosophically the local community how much potential? The official operation of Shanghai Beach has not yet been a short period of two years, just three months to invest more than 3 million, the Shanghai beach community so the rich once again ignited the Internet local portal hot pursuit. This crazy burning money promotion model does not necessarily fit all webmaster, but he represents the current Internet development in a direction.

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