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Social media has become more and more popular over the past few years, sharing music, videos, images and even other docs documents to the Internet, which can also increase the number of clicks on the page. In general, some social media Plug-ins allow your users to share content on your site to other social platforms,such asFacebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest and so on.

here we have selected 15 of the best jQuery social sharing plugin. A small amount of code is needed to easily integrate them into your site and to help your visitors share the content on the site. Enjoy the convenience they bring!!

1. Ishare

Ishare is an astonishing jquery sharing and bookmarking plugin. It has many features, such as support for sharing to social networking sites, support for shortcode, selective activation of which social networking sites to share, and many other customizable features.

2. JssocialS

Jssocials is a simple social networks share JQuery plug-ins. It is flexible and easy to expand. Visual appearance can be customized (configured yourself). It also offers several sets of topics for developers to choose from. If necessary, you can also not support the sharing of any social network.

3. is a jQuery plugin that displays on your site by using the boot front-end styling and modal Plug-ins Instagram Multimedia.

4. Socialshare.js

Socialshare.js is a jQuery plug-in that provides more manageable social-sharing buttons. When you want to set the style, don't worry about the JavaScript execution.

5. JQuery Awesome sosmed Share Button

A jQuery plugin for creating social media sharing. And can calculate the number of shares.

6. Social Cards

Social cards is a jquery plug-in that comes with four shared cards, including: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn and entry to the pasteboard parts. The best place to do this is to click to load the script, so you don't have to worry about the performance bottlenecks of the social components. Of course, you can easily localize this plugin.

7. CS Buttons

Csbuttons is a jQuery plugin that creates share buttons and counts the number of shares to share, including the following sites: Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Linkedin, Pinterest.

8. Cool Social Buttons

Cool Social Buttons is a jQuery plugin that adds a share button to your site and does not slow down your site's load. It is easy to use and supports customization. This plugin supports sharing the following sites: Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Tumblrand Pinterest.

9. JQuery prettysocial

The JQuery prettysocial is a custom sharing button for Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

Ridiculously responsive Social sharing Buttons

RRSSB is a responsive social-sharing button plugin that allows you to easily customize Rrssb plug-ins by modifying several variables. SVGs takes into account the minimum size of the file and supports the Retina Retina screen display.

Easy video Sharing Script

Easy sharing Script (EVSs) allows you to embed video only with URLs. As long as you copy and paste the URL of the video page, you can embed the video in the text range, and EVSs can work all the time. The most important point is that EVSS will not load the page again because there are AJAX loading pages on the back end.


Hideshare is a social-sharing plug-in that can be plugged into a social-sharing link. Allows you to share the current page of any link or image. But it needs to install fonts and CSS.


Pimax displays is able to display photo gallery from your Picasa/google+ album. The public album in your account can be displayed on your website. As long as you add a piece to a public album of your Google + account, these public photos will be displayed on your site as well.


Floatshare is a free jQuery plugin that allows your site's visitors to share content on a social networking platform. Floatshare can also display summaries, and count the ' share ' and ' likes ' totals.

JQuery Social Share Buttons

This is a 15 plug-in in the compression axis plug-in, after using it, you can add any social networking button-and, do not need PHP support Oh!!!

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