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Wedding process, major events in life, careful and careful ~

Wishing you a new person or a new person ~ :)


1. at, the system started to play audio streams.

2. In the first 10 minutes before the beginning of the wedding ceremony, the company created an atmosphere.

3. If necessary, introduce the importance of the wedding banquet.

II,Scene 118:08Grand Wedding Ceremony opening

(This is not the legal time. It is determined by the two new yuan .)

Preface 1

(Foreground music and firecrackers -)

2 On-site fashion (new people wear wedding clothes and step into "wedding music .)


(01) Please feel free to raise your palm and walk the bride and groom along the way;

(02) a group of young boys and girls showed up with five-year-olds and threw rose petals in the sky. (03) You can also use the projection cool light to create a wedding ceremony and a romantic atmosphere.


3. the name of the person in charge of the marriage is:

(Foreground audio; Xin audio box -------- 4)

4. Token

Note: The wedding ring is the most popular moment in the wedding community. Note that when one side has not reached out, the other side may be too impatient to reach out.

7. Submit a cup of wine

8. Comments from the home manager:

(Foreground VOICE: Blessing of love ------- success 10)

9. laiyun refers to a comment; Name: (foreground VOICE: Love's nickname -------- Thank you 12)

10. Three-byte Scheme

11. Opening banquet for the entire dry cup

(The first act takes about 18 minutes and 20 seconds)

III, Act 2

1. A banquet may be held. Yes.

(Foreground audio: unrestrained music ------- audio 7)

2. At, the new employee is out of service.

When the bride enters the venue, the company creates an atmosphere that will allow the whole site to focus on this wonderful moment.

3. may be. The conference venue was dark, and the sound was wonderful. The conference was opened slowly. In the hands of everyone, two new couples made money and the bride held a long man, holding the groom's hand, the tables are burned in sequence. The two stars are happy to smile. In this new and special way, I would like to express my deep appreciation to you. At the same time, there is also a sense of reverence. After a few minutes of silence, the friend who received the assignment will apply the old saying: "Are you busy? They replied, "Wang ". During the period, the company began to use passionate words to create a new atmosphere.

4. At, two new people, accompanied by the music of the beautiful song, toast the elders, the elders, and the audience. Our team helps with our job. (Foreground Speaker: Jack Galo's wedding certificate ------- Jack five)

5. At this time, the company decided to work with the two new couples to observe the speech and colors, seize the opportunity, and render the atmosphere.

4. Act 3

1. (This is not the legal time)

Accompanied by the bride and groom, the bride was taken to the banquet to prepare his clothes.

2. Two newcomers toast

3. The Conference may be held at a.m. (at this time, for various reasons, the entire Conference venue will be cold .) The Division carefully planned and organized a project to be held by two new members. The main theme of the newly married couples is that the atmosphere remains intact and continues to rise.

4. The progress of "toast" is based on the instructions of two new talents. (Foreground Music: wedding music --------- wedding music 11, famous music .)

5. at, the wedding banquet ends in the happy music festival. (Background audio: Toast ------ Jun 14. Returns a line .)

6. The company informed us about the "Dongfang" issue.


(I)General wedding program

1. The host announced the opening ceremony of the wedding ceremony and played a gun.

Today is the middle Democratic Republic of China ○ month ○ Day Afternoon ○ hour ○ large foreign store ○ banquet hosts ○ government ○ mr. and ○ government ○ Miss Yu wedding Ceremony, the beginning of the code --

Si Yun ~ In place ~ Introduction

Come and invite friends and friends (in place)

● The opening of the curtain will show the presence of the parents, groom, and Bride Of The Party in a grand way to highlight the beauty of the house, at this time, male parents → female parents → groom → best man → bride + bridesmaid → go to zookeeper, where the female parents hand over the bride to the groom.

At this time, at the front of the blanket, the male's parents lead the groom to step on the stage with the bride and the female's parents.

(Venue: 1. Please start your palm and show the flowers and the bride and groom, accompanied by the bride and groom, to enter the palace, 2. A group of boys and girls are shown in a five-year-old band, and a rose flower is shown in the sky, 3. You can also use the projection cool-light and co-occurrence of carbon monoxide to create a wedding ceremony and a romantic atmosphere .)

3. The main person and the wedding person

4. Guest agent

5. Enter the certificate holder

6. the bride and groom are invited to the banquet by a gender or a flower girl (playing the role) (time 4 ~ 7 minutes)

Enter the venue-wedding music and flowers walk into the bridesmaid, the last is the bride (some of the bridesmaid is a wrist flower or holding the light)

7. Send a letter to the bride and groom (such as the wedding ring)

8. the bridegroom and the bride will marry each other and stand together, with one bow, two bows, and three bows

15. Playing

16. The words of the witness

Words-the words of Long Zhu's blessing, for example, the Director invited by the President and his father, then the new couple and their parents came to the stage to give a toast to everyone.

17. Intercept comments


19. What is the main speaker's comment

20. Bride and groom

21. The bride and groom are required to marry and the bride and groom are required to bow to the person who signs the marriage.

23. The groom and the bride will tell each person a bow and resign

25. The bride and groom bow at the wedding master and return to the master.

27. The bride and groom bow together

28. New couples are guided by men and women to sit in the chair and enter the cave room (as a lounge, the bride can dress up and entertain guests at this time ).

29. Starting the banquet

Users who like ~ 「 Happy Birthday 」 (time 3 ~ 6 minutes)

When it comes to playing, the dancer will dance with the bride and groom in a bouquet of happy balls, at the same time, the dancers will give the ball and bouquet to the new couple, and the new couple will give the lucky men and women to marry, because on that day the new people are very happy, there will be a lot of people who want to share their favorite things with new people, such as male and heroine who can marry a beautiful lady and marry a good husband.

The bride and groom become husband and wife under the family's guest's blessing. In order to improve the performance of senior officials, friends, and customers, we need to step down from the evening server and send a speech to the whole system.

Second, when the server leaves the venue, the host usually asks new people to have a cup of wine.

If there is a cake, cut the cake again. Then the new person will join his parents.


Toast-one table and one table.

Deliver customers

The third set will be seated after arrival.

Then, you can start sending customers.

The host suddenly thought that BF and I were asked to join the team for 10 minutes, but we just wanted




● The company hereby declares the Marriage Certificate Program:

1. The bride and groom bow together, bow again, and bow again.

2. the sender declares the marriage certificate.

3. The bride and groom deliver a token.

5. Play the role.

6. Verify the words of the married person and the intermediary.

7. What is the main speaker's comment.

8. The groom and the bride will marry the person with the certificate, and the person in charge of the wedding will bow (at this time, the above persons will voluntarily resign ).

9. Bride and groom ~ Referral and withdrawal.

10 The bride and groom bow to the wedding master ~ The married person will return.

11 The bridegroom and the Bride bow.



Host Vocabulary (Multi-Version)

Dear friends and friends, you may wish:

Good evening! We hope it will take a long and exciting time! Today is the day when MS and Mr are happy to bring them to us, let us welcome the bride and groom out with the strongest hands! (PALM)

* New arrival

In front of me, this handsome and extraordinary groom is humorous and cheerful. The young bride, who was very generous and smiling, was very generous and generous beside him. He said, you can see, our bridegroom and bride are both talented and beautiful. They are a perfect match of Heaven and Earth.

* At this time, the new service staff of your primary store may ask you to sit in first, and then wait until the host of the National People's Congress opens an appointment to cover your primary family, after parents wait for background or interesting things, the host can say: Now we invite new people to come on stage.

* When you come to the stage, you will usually be notified by the host, or you can use an interview to answer your questions, can the host ask him about the proposal or related interesting things? Or to add a smile, the host may ask the groom to kiss the bride with his mouth. Can she ask: Has the groom said or has done something that best matches the bride?

Ask their wedding staff to marry new people.

* Married couples (subject to the wedding ring)

* Refer to the following types:

New people bow to their parents and feel the kindness of their parents;

The newcomers bow to us-the light and the blessings of the audience;

New people give each other three bows-from now on to the next kiss, white-headed elders;

We have come together from different life environments. In the past 20 years, the rain and rain have been the companion of family love and affection, now that my daughter has grown up and got married, my parents must have a lot of words to say to my daughter, and I want to say to my children, let's say a sentence to our loving father and mother.

* Parents' representatives make speeches ...... (PALM)

Face to face? Now, I think this couple will be surging at the moment, and the past has passed, and it is a hope for the future, we would like to invite them to feel this situation.

New Employee Representatives)

(Provide half-open coriander wine)

Sweet wine is a symbol of happiness and a source of happiness. Now, our new people are allowed to share the source of happiness, in the future, hold your hands and have a drink.

(Put on the dance music) the new man opens the cake, is fragrant, and has a cup of wine. (The wedding cake is pushed up and burned up) Cut the cake for centuries.

It will not be as easy as it is now, but we believe that they will be able to solve the problem in the future, to jointly develop a bright future. (PALM)

Now, let us give our glasses and invite them to today's banquet and join us for tomorrow's cup of greetings!

(For parents)

Dear friends:

In this wonderful wedding hall, I think this is a sweet combination of new people who love their lives, beautiful and happy. It is because of the fact that the hearts of both of them have collided with each other to reveal our groom. We need to feel real happiness at any time, they are even more handsome, don't you? ()...... Our bride needs to feel more exciting and beautiful than at any time, let's say no together ). At this moment, I think there are two couples who are the most exciting at this moment, that is, the groom and the parents who give birth to the bride. With this opportunity, our bride and groom feel the favor of their parents and express their sincere gratitude and deep blessings to their parents, A bunch of the most beautiful flowers are specially used to give them to the nursing parents.

2. Please invite the bride and groom to spend the flowers on the new mother's parents, mr. and Ms ); send flowers to the groom's parents, MR and Ms ).

18: 18 now I want to invite a married person to marry me)

Invite the bride and groom representatives to marry the principal)

18: 28 now, please refer to the plain text)

May I ask the bride and groom to answer the question)

Coming soon:

3. Is it the most exciting and time-consuming? Their hearts will always show us happiness)

May I ask the bride and groom to give a toast to the wine? They love and love forever. (Then the bride and groom will respect each other's wines ).

Ladies and gentlemen, the peak of marriage between Mr. and Miss is a wave higher than the peak. The content is really different, that is, the truth of things is actually something, and it is implicit and profound, there is also the West's true feelings, Gao yahao, so that everyone is filled with a pleasant atmosphere.

At, the bridegroom and the bride cut a century-old cake. What is the cake icon of the white-haired hacker? They are busy, busy with business and beautiful life.

Let's pray, let us pray, let us bless, let us raise our glasses in our hands, we wish the new couple a Happy Wedding, old white-headed, and always united! (I hope everyone will join us in saying "one cup".) You will join us and invite the bride and groom to join us (if you have a ticket in the palm of your hand ).

Ladies and gentlemen: this is the end of the wedding ceremony between Mr. and Miss. Will the bride wear it later? Even more elegant clothes are coming to everyone, and we will give them a toast in turn to express the feeling of the bride and groom. Happy bride and groom let us once again wish your life to be as sweet as honey: Your love will always be like YAN Shi: your business will be as golden as it is. Finally, let us wish the bride and groom a better time to share with you this day. Thank you!

Host and wedding staff (Multi-Version)

Married, introduced, and invited:

Today, I was married to my daughter (or brother-in-law) with Meimei's milk. Thanks to the family's friends, she was lucky, and she was pleased with the invitation, as well as my friends and friends, we sincerely hope to hear from you. If you have a poor reception, we would like to thank you for your consideration.

Wish you good health!

We don't have any respect for this. Please open your ticket.

Married, introduced, and invited:

Today, we are married to XXX and XXX. Thanks to Mr. XXX, Ms. XXX, and her close friend Guang Yu, we sincerely hope to extend our commitment. If you have a poor reception, we would like to thank you for your consideration. Wish you good health!

We don't have any respect for this. Please open your ticket.

Coming soon ﹕

Today is a wonderful day for my son (daughter) and Miss ×× (MR) to hear from you, this is the most intense welcome and heartfelt thanks!

My son (daughter) and Miss ×× (MR) have been married for centuries and are very proud of their parents. They become husband and wife through mutual knowledge, mutual understanding, and mutual love. From now on, they hope they can respect, love, interact, and help each other, take business as an important task, and use your own talents and diligence to create your own beautiful future. Do not say so, but also honor your parents, just as a song said: "often go home to see it !"

Finally, we wish them a happy and beautiful wedding.

I wish you good health and good luck. Thank you!

Attention: The main wedding person refers to the parent, the father of the male, or the father of the female (Zhaotong)


Thanks to our friends and family, we are joining our groom tonight. ○ mr. Bride ○ The Wedding Banquet of Miss. We have a very romantic atmosphere tonight, coming to the summit, Gao Peng's seat shows that both of our families have achieved great success, dear friends and friends, they are very fond of our bride and groom, And may wish them good luck. My name is ○, my father and groom ○ a friend of Mr. ○, I am very lucky ○ Mr. ○ appointed me as the guest of this evening, I would like to express my greetings to you here. Groom's father ○ mr. Jing ○ business (started to introduce the groom's father and family to work), the business is colorful, and the family is also very happy and beautiful. Groom ○ Mr. ○ ranking at home ○ (introducing the groom's personal nature, subject matter) ○ after the primary education, currently at ○ company, not only is my current career an outstanding player, but I am also very practical. I am a brilliant young man. Bride and Dad ○ mr. Jing ○ industry (beginning to introduce the work of the bride and father), also famous in the store, bride ○ Miss (introducing the bride's personal nature, school class) not only show off the beauty of the child, but also be considerate and kind, since ○ after school graduation, at present, I am a senior employee at ○. The two matching year-olds have passed ○ years of love long run. The special candidate is to complete the big event today, ○ home and ○ family members like and family members. Here, ○ we are very lucky to have our parents with our parents and two new people (parents and new people should stand up) with a bow of three, I would like to thank my friends and family for coming to the wedding banquet tonight, with a bow, two bows, and three bows. May we invite friends and friends to raise our glasses (high-altitude wine cups) together and wish the two new couples a better life for a hundred years, happy! (Dry cup)

Thank you for your good wishes. Please start to enjoy our excellent experiences.

Marital ID (Multi-Version)

The bridegroom, bride, main wedding person, guest, Ladies and Gentlemen:

Today, auspicious Sun is a century-old wedding day. On this day, I wish the bride and groom a happy wedding and a wonderful honeymoon. Husband and wife mutual respect and mutual love, harmony, mutual photograph, work hard, learning progress, white head old, beautiful and happy! And wish you a healthy and Fast Life!

Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen ﹕

Today, I am heavily entrusted by the bride and groom, and I am very lucky to be married to my young lady, it is also a rare opportunity to witness a successful wedding attempt to witness the words of a new person who has been married in zhuyun and Jiayu Tiancheng.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Groom is now on his own, working as a business engineer. This year, the groom is very handsome and loyal to others, in addition, there is a kind of love in the heart, for the sake of people and good; don't worry about work seriously, Ren resentment, and in the business of hard research, outstanding achievements, it is a good young man who has just made a fortune.

Miss Bride is now on a single footing. She is responsible for business and business operations. This year, she has been working. The bride is not very beautiful and cute, but also has the internal beauty of the eastern women. She is not very gentle and considerate, she is also a kind of cute girl who is dedicated to learning, high-quality, and considerate.

The ancients often said: the heart is a bit of communication.

It is love, love, or love that puts them together. To bring them together with their masters, God has created the new couple and will create their future generations, creating their future.

At this moment, the bride and groom have formed a loving husband and wife. From now on, no matter how rich they are, disease, poor circumstances, and survival, you will always love each other with one heart and one mind throughout your life. In the journey of life, you will always be happy. Finally, I wish you a happy and beautiful life.

Thank you!


"Wedding" is generally used to invite long-haired people in the family, single-digit wedding staff, or people with higher prestige on the whole wedding banquet to become wedding staff.

Depending on your needs, you can try again at the wedding banquet. Usually at the beginning of the wedding banquet, ask the wedding party to make a wedding speech.

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