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Configuring SharePoint is a more professional and complex process, especially early SPS2003, which is cumbersome to configure. Now the new MOSS 2007 has made some improvements: with the step-by-step hints of the Configuration Wizard, you can easily set up some basic information about SharePoint, and with the improved SharePoint Central Administration, you can quickly navigate to the configuration page you want to use. We specifically look at: Six, Configuration Office SharePoint Server 2007:After MOSS 2007 is installed, the relevant configuration is required for normal use. This phase is critical, we specifically: launch the SharePoint products and Technologies Configuration Wizard: The configuration Wizard will automatically prompt that some system services will need to be restarted during the configuration process, don't worry, click "Yes" to confirm: next, as we are installing the first SharePoint service , so you need to select the 2nd item "No, I want to create a new Farm": In the Specify metabase settings interface, enter the name of the server on which the metabase resides (that is, the native) and the database name (the default sharepoint_config), and access the account and password for the configuration database (for example such as Domain Admins): Next, the wizard automatically assigns a random port number to the SharePoint Central Administration site, such as "1593" in the image below, and, of course, you can manually specify a port number that you like. WEB Application Verifier chooses "NTLM" unchanged: Complete the relevant settings, start the configuration process: The configuration process requires 9 stages, you need to wait patiently: The site Configuration success: Vii. Creating the first SharePoint site: Once the MOSS 2007 configuration is complete, we will create the first SharePoint site. We can do all the work of creating a site in SharePoint Central Administration, where the upfront configuration includes creating two Web applications, creating shared services, and creating SharePoint site collections.   to reduce the hassle of creating a SharePoint site later, we first open IIS Manager and delete the default site directly. In the later creation process, the Create Wizard will automatically help us create the IIS Web site with Port 80. First, open SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration (All Programs Àmicrosoft Office Serveràsharepoint 3.0 Management Center): We need to configure the server topology first, click on the "Server Farm Topology" section below the page Name of this server: Start the Office SharePoint Server Search service and click the "Launch" link following this service: on the next page, select the "Use this server index content" and "Use this server to provide search query services". Fill in the domain administrator's e-mail address and account information, click the "Start" button to start the service:   Back to the previous page, the same way to start the Windows SharePoint Services Search service, click on its right side of the "Start" Link: in the "Clothing Account and the content access account are filled in with the domain administrator accounts, and the rest of the settings remain the same:   Click on the "Start" button to start setting up: Completing the server topology: Next we create two WEB applications. One (port 80) is used for the SharePoint site, and the other (port 8080) is used for the shared service. Click on the "Application Management" menu at the top of the page to open the Application management interface and click "Create or Extend Web Application": Click "New Web Application": We create an IIS Web site that the Web application relies on by creating a new IIS website. Fill in the port at "80" (the default), indicating that the Web application is to be created on port 80: Create a new application pool for this Web application, name "SharePoint-80", and fill in the domain administrator's account information as the application poolSecurity account: Click on the bottom of the page "OK" button to start setting up, this time may be longer, patiently wait for it: Web

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