SharePoint Search (7) Search result-result source, invalid pointresult-

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SharePoint Search (7) Search result-result source, invalid pointresult-

When using a search engine, you may want to limit the search scope to make it easier to find the desired results.

Similar functions are also supported in search of SharePoint 2013. SharePoint provides the following options by default:

In SharePoint, this is called Search Navigation. SharePoint provides flexible interfaces for administrators to add custom categories. Each category corresponds to a Result Source, so let's take a look at the Result Source first.


Based on the user's permission level, The Result source can be set at the Search Service Application, Site Collection, and Site levels. Different levels have different ResultSource scopes. The Result Source set at the Search Service Application level can be used in all Web applications associated with this SearchService Application, while the Site Collection level is set only for this site collection.


Here is an example to illustrate the function of search result. Generally, when you set the Content Source, SharePoint Search will crawl the entire farm. Therefore, the Search Center Search results will contain the content of the entire farm. What if I only want the search results to contain documents of a specific library?


On the Search Service Application management page, click ResultSources To Go To The Add Result Source Page, enter the name, and select Protocol and Type:

In Query Transform, click Launch Query Builder to bring up the Build Your Query page.

In Query text, add a space after {searchTerms}, add path: "libraryURL", and click test query. The result is displayed on the right. The result is limited to library.

Click save. In this way, a custom Result Source is configured.

The following error may occur during Configuration:

In this case, you need to enable the corresponding Feature in the Site Collection feature.


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