Shenbo Account: Characters garbled is common multiple problems if there are errors please point out in time

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At that time in the online search a lot of articles, but did not meet their own situation, and the background in accordance with the step-play debugging for a few days, Shenbo open an account to solve the problem finally, share to meet the same problems to see the classmates, but also to avoid stepping on the same pit, below, I try to use popular language, Tell me about the cause of the problem and how to solve it.

Responsive web design is a Web site that can be compatible with multiple terminals-instead of making a specific version for each terminal. For example: Now the community has a lot of response products, such as folding sofa, rollaway bed and so on, when we need to put the sand to a corner, the sofa is like Div, and somewhere in the corner is like the parent element, because the parent element space changes, we have to adjust the div, So that it can still be put in the corner. In the project you will encounter different terminals, because the terminal resolution is different, so you want to make the user experience better, it is necessary to make your page compatible with multiple terminals.

Recently published in the Windows server2012 IIS8.0 on a WEBAPI project, only dozens of people online, the CPU will appear hundreds of cases, Shenbo account and CPU once the application pool is automatically suspended, see this problem I feel should be the program which place a problem, 8 box 16G should be configured or Yes. Plan to use WinDbg to find this problem.

In order to quickly locate the problem I installed the WinDbg directly in the production environment, in order to collect the dump file, I chose Procdump. Procdump no need to install, Shenbo open an account and download it directly into a directory. The following is the process of solving the problem +:

The simple point of the feature is to add some additional information to the target element that we can get in a reflection during the run. The target element refers to an assembly, module, class, parameter, attribute, and so on, and the additional information refers to the member in the attribute class. It can be seen that the attribute class is actually a data structure, we can put a variety of information into this class, Shenbo open an account and associate the attribute class to the specified target element, each associated with an attribute in the target element creates an instance of an attribute class, and of course it does more than that.

Summarize this period of time to learn about network programming. I started with the tiny HTTP server from the last chapter of Csapp, and based on it, implemented concurrency in a different way, including processes, threads, thread pools, I/O multiplexing. All code See address:

-N represents the title name of the certificate in the system's Certificates snap-in window, which is displayed in the "Issued to" column, which is who the certificate is awarded to. In this case, the honorary certificate is mainly awarded to a good man in China.

The-PE parameter must be added, which indicates whether we can export the certificate's key (private key), because we will export the certificate to a. PFX later.

-SR Indicates whether the certificate is a user certificate or a certificate for this computer. The user certificate is CurrentUser and only the currently logged-on user is visible, and if you want all users to be visible, you can use LocalMachine, which is the computer-wide certificate.

-SS represents the certificate store directory, and my indicates that the certificate will be installed in the "personal" directory.

Shenbo Account: Characters garbled is common multiple problems if there are errors please point out in time

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