Shocking! Photo of the first squadron of the Chinese army soul (to see)

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Shocking! Photo of the first squadron of the Chinese army soul
On September 16, late July 1984, the first army of the Nanjing Army (Fu quanyou, chief of the army, and Shi yuxiao, Political Commissar), the third division of the 12th Army, and the Ninth Division of the artillery of the Military Region entered Wenshan Prefecture for training in Wenshan and ZHUSHAN. On September 16, late December, the Fourth Division of the army's 11th Army, 14th army, and Fourth Division of artillery in Laoshan and Bali. At the same time, they entered Wenshan prefecture to participate in defense operations, including: 15th engineering regiments of the Beijing Military Region, Fuzhou Military Region engineering corps, and Nanjing Military Region engineering corps, the first, second, third, and fourth armies of the Shenyang Military Region's 18th artillery regiment, the 12th Military Region's 20th Military Region's automobile regiment, the seventh Kunming Military Region's worker Corps, and the, and 13 military regions, respectively, brigade C, on June 13, late May 1985, the first army's troops and the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth investigation teams C. All the 12th regiments of the wusan Military Region's cars were evacuated from the combat zone.

Before the war, you may have lost a photo, tears.

Army Division 1st, reconnaissance, 6 shifts, "1-15 battles", ready for departure

Son of the chief of the army (son of Yang Shiyi, chief of the 20 Jun army) and Yang Shaohua, deputy director of the first army division, stick to the "Li Haixin highlands", which is only two or thirty meters away from the enemy. "In the 1.15 battle, when there were only two soldiers left in the position, he did not backdown, calmly commanded, and fought hard. Together with the reinforcements, he retired from the army's crazy counterattack, firmly stick to the position and stand on the second level. Yang Shaohua rushed to the surface for command and combat at a critical moment, and fought back and forth with his friends to fight back the attack of three enemy camps. On the surface, Yang Shaohua defeated 148 enemies and successfully held the position, added new glory to "Li Haixin highlands!

I don't know what to say. Scenes that can only be seen in large movies. But this is true, and people know the cruelty of the war. Face-to-face combat.

The blood of our army's fallen martyrs

Message from the martyr's wife


Kiss you, I don't wake you up

This land is so peaceful

I watched you silently before the tombstone

I know that although this grave is just a microcosm of life

However, the spirit of standing is one by one.

Kiss you, I don't wake you up

This hot land is so quiet

I gently touched you before the tombstone

I know that even though this row of stone won't recover again;

However, every English name in southern xinjiang is always here.

Kiss you, I don't wake you up

This brown land is so quiet

I hugged you before the tombstone

I know that even though our life's dream has not been truly realized

But it's always so calm to fight for peace, die, and survive.

Kiss you, I don't wake you up

The Great Wall of justice is so quiet

I give you a deep kiss before the tombstone

I know that even though you can't feel the hot love

But you have no sorrow or sorrow

Kiss you, I don't wake you up

The land of the Four Seas is so quiet

My heart is calling you before the tombstone

I know, even though we can't share the rest

But the God of love is always with us.

Kiss you, I don't wake you up,

This land of genius, Brown, and justice is so magnificent

Your broken body decorated her.

Is it your hot blood? Injecting her

I know that even though you can't kiss me again

But on the historical monument? But you will always remember your achievements

Kiss you, I don't wake you up. In this border town, you will be branded with an everlasting kiss from ordinary women.

For you to rest quietly here

Kiss you ...... I don't wake you up ...... Don't wake you up ...... Don't wake you up ......

In the summer of 1984, the battle for the old mountains at the Sino-Vietnamese border reached a fierce stage. At this time, an army stationed in the anti-DDOS service in the south of the Yangtze River also quietly entered the battle state, this means that the old mountain round war, which has far-reaching significance in the history of our army, was launched. This army is the first army group. All its officers and soldiers are very arrogant. Everyone is carrying a glorious bullet. They fought in the Laoshan war zone for one year. None of them were captured by the Vietnamese army! The 1st Infantry Division, 1st regiments, and 6th connections under the name of "Six hard bones" were twice awarded the honorary title by the Highest Military Department, which is also the only one in the whole army!

The fire is everywhere.
The fierce battle is exciting. On July 15, January 15, I held on to the ground where I was attacked by more than eight thousand artillery shells. About 300 m² of the mountain heads, with an average of 26.7 million rounds per square meter. The elevation of the whole hill is reduced by 5 meters. Originally, there were 17-and 20-tall stalagmite on the top of the mountain, but now it is less than one-tall stone pier. On the top of the hill, there is no green leaves. You can also pick up five or six pieces of shrapnel from it. Our soldiers unexpectedly resisted the artillery shells of the Vietnamese army and held the "steel position ".

Yang Qiliang, the squad leader, sticks to the unknown heights on the 166 side, and uses a conversation machine to send a tragic cry to me.

Li guiyou, who died in the Six-position defense!

I don't know whether these posts have been posted or not. I just saw these pictures and I also remembered my comrades who were enjoying the loneliness, bow to the bloody martyrs who have defended their motherland !!! Greetings to my comrades! Our motherland will become more and more powerful, so we cannot be bullied by outsiders !! I'm sorry that I have no chance to shed blood for my motherland. But I can pay tribute to the veterans who once shed blood for our motherland. Come on, and pay tribute to the most glorious veterans!
There are so many people who support it and recommend this post to your friends. Let's miss our hero together.
Do not let our hero lose to Sister Furong, so that our hero will never stand.

Add a few more.
The following is a common online photo of the first army, one division, and one hard bone, six or even 16 warriors before the war. Four comrades on the top were sacrificed in the Battle of Xiao Jianshan. In the lower-right corner, Wang Jian's martyrs, shanghaiese, and radio station soldiers climbed up to the main peak after the dual-stick flowers were cut off and lost together with the enemy.

Xu gaohu-the shift leader of the first army, Second Division, and second division of the Xtep army, participated in the defense operation in Laoshan district. In the March 8, 1985 s, my team was working in a battle to recover a certain highlands. They ruled out three hundred and fifty-three mines buried by the Vietnamese army, opened five channels for the infantry, with a total length of one thousand five hundred and forty-five meters, and destroyed three enemy battle holes, it includes a command post and eleven enemies.

The first army and the First Division defended their positions, and the soldiers were throwing bombs at the enemy.

Wang Hong-a first-class hero, used multiple terrain surveys to analyze the enemy situation and found ten solutions when recovering an unknown Highland. The battle was launched. It took only 25 minutes to win the peak and hit a clean and beautiful fight.

Shen bajiang, a martyr, sacrifices 166 in defense

Martyr Zhao kaihong, on the right

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