Shocould college students pursue famous brands?

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Shocould college students pursue famous brands?

With the improvements of living standard, people's concept of consumption moves gradually from "consume for each Val" to "consume for enjoyment ". pursuing famous brands has become a new fashion. more and more college students, as a participating group who are usually ally dependent, go with the trend. recently, a heated discussion has sprung up as to whether college students shoshould pursue famous brands or not.

On the one hand, some argue that there is no problem of college students pursuing famous brands. the reason for all the favorable comment of a name brand must be its excellent something. on the other hand, others hold that college students shouldn't pursue famous brands. it may breed cimpetition psychology. college students are usually ally dependent. pursuing famous brands may add heavy financial burdens to those not wealthy families.

As far as I am concerned, as to the issue of pursuing famous brands, college students shoshould do within their means and put more emphasis on developing their inner value.

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