shop++ Memory Overflow Configuration

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Memory overflow (memory configuration)

Recently in the use of shop++ program to develop two times, there will be memory overflow problem, just beginning to think it is a program problem, and then find their company technical staff after consulting, said is my memory configuration is not well-equipped,

Then they sent me a file with the relevant configuration, the steps to resolve are as follows:

One: Memory overflow when starting program (Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:PermGen space)

Start Tomcat6w.exe and configure-xx:permsize=64m-xx:maxpermsize=128m (dynamic memory configuration, Runtime memory configuration) in Java options in Java option

Second: Run the program to report memory overflow (Java.lang.OutOfMemoryError:Java heap space)

Start Tomcat6w.exe then configure the-xms128m-xmx512m (static memory configuration) in the Java options in the Java option or configure it directly in the Initial memory pool "Maximum memory Pool 1024 "

Three: Double-click on the servers and then Open launch configuration--arguments in the VM Arguments and then line-wrap config-XMS128M-XMX512M-XX:PERMSIZE=64M-XX:MAXP ermsize=128m

The size of the memory configuration can be adjusted appropriately depending on the project size ...

PS: The service of their company is very good.

shop++ Memory Overflow Configuration

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