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Applicability: silverlight1.1 language: C #

Imagine accessing HTML elements like JavaScript? We all know that HTML elements can be accessed through javascript. This technology is the Document Object Model that we all know now-developed by W3C standards.

In fact, in Silverlight, you can also use C # code to easily access HTML elements.

First, you need to reference the following namespace:

C # code
  1. Using system. Windows. browser;


First, let's take a look at a static (static) object htmlpage, which provides attributes about the browser information. You can easily jump to other web pages by using the methods provided by the htmpage object as a program:

Htmlpage object

Browserinformation attributes: Browserversion browser information; platform operating system. useragent, such as MSIE or Firefox, has a version number;

Navigate Method: Jump to another page or website, such as htmlpage. navigate ( );

You can also access the core of Dom through htmlpage.Document Object (htmldocument type), and then you can access HTML elements of the page through htmldocument.

For example, htmldocument Doc = htmlpage. Document.

Modify page properties:

For example, modify the page title:

Doc. setproperty ("title", "Bad blog ");

Or modify the background color:

Doc. setproperty ("bgcolor", "Red ");

Access HTML elements

Now, let's use the getattribute/setattribute, getstyleattribute/setstyleattribute method to access/modify the specified HTML element.

HTML element: <span id = "MSG"> Hello </span>

Silverlight in C #:

C # code
  1. Htmlelement ELEM = Doc. getelementbyid ("MSG ");
  2. // Modify content
  3. ELEM. setattribute ("innerhtml", "new text ");
  4. // Modify the background color
  5. ELEM. setstyleattribute ("background", "green ");
  6. // Modify the text color
  7. ELEM. setstyleattribute ("color", "White ");


HTML element: <input id = "tbname" type = "text"/>

Silverlight in C #:

C # code
  1. Htmlelement ELEM = Doc. getelementbyid ("tbname ");
  2. // Read value
  3. String S = ELEM. getattribute ("value ");
  4. // Modify the value
  5. ELEM. setattribute ("value", "Your name ");


HTML element:

Silverlight in C #;

C # code
  1. Htmlelement ELEM = Doc. getelementbyid ("imgme ");
  2. // Modify the image
  3. ELEM. setattribute ("src", "you.jpg ");

HTML element:

<Select id = "Cities"> <option> Beijing </option> <option> Shanghai </opiton> <option> Shenzhen </option> </SELECT>

Silverlight in C #:

C # code
  1. Htmlelement ELEM = Doc. getelementbyid ("Cities ");
  2. // Obtain the index of the selected Select Content
  3. String S = ELEM. getattribute ("selectedindex ");


Event binding

Register the event to the managed code (C #) for processing, to replace the previous JavaScript for processing. (PS: It seems that the flash can also be used, and the compiler still prefers the C # syntax and vs development IDE)

For example, use C # to handle a button event:

C # code
  1. Htmlelement ELEM = Doc. getelementbyid ("btbgo ");
  2. ELEM. attachevent ("onclick", new eventhandler
  3. .....
  4. // E. sourceelement reference time trigger object
  5. Void btngo_onclick (Object sender, htmleventargs E)
  6. {
  7. .....
  8. }


OK, complete. Silverlight makes the client's rich coal and client programming so easy. Ga, come on.

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