Simple J2EE (3) Client Selection

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In the scope of existing technologies, clients generally have two options: browser-based or independent PC clients (such as swing-based ). So how can we choose these two technologies? This article provides a reference.


Browser-based client:


1. the development cycle is fast. Because the user interface is developed based on a mature browser, it is much easier than the PC client.

2. High user acceptance. all Internet users will use browsers. If a PC Client is specially developed, it is likely that the user acceptance is not high enough.


1. Developers cannot accurately control the display of browsers. Each browser may display different results for the same content.

2. the user interface is single. Because the browser only supports the markup language development interface, the selection of the interface is not strong enough, and efficient interaction with the user is not that easy.

3. Because of the communication characteristics of the browser, it is very likely that the data that can be requested at one time can be completed only after multiple requests (a single interface has many images ). This increases the load on the server side and makes communication inefficient.


PC-based client:


1. BecauseProgramStaff can directly deal with the operating system and present a very powerful and interactive user interface.

2. The communication is controlled by the user, which can greatly optimize the communication.


1. In many cases, cross-platform (for example, using MFC to build a client) is not supported ).

2. High costs (for browser-based development, there is basically no need for dedicated client personnel, but it is different if it is based on PC ).

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