Simple use record of common coding software 2: non-autonomous Encoder

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The previous article recorded the coding software of the vendor that independently produces the encoder, including mainconcept, DivX, and elecard. This document records the software that does not use the self-production encoder.

Software that does not use self-production encoder is common. This type of software is actually a graphical interface for configuring various command line encoders (after all, only a few on the command line interface, while most on the GUI), making it easier to use the command line encoding software. I will not describe it in detail. I will only briefly record my use process.
(1) format factory Official Website:
The format factory is the most widely used transcoding software today. It provides a good user experience and provides simple transcoding operations. Even if you have never used transcoding software, you can get started quickly. The format factory was initially developed by Chen junhao (Chinese) and operated in Shanghai.
At the beginning, the format factory had a problem with my computer. The icon in the left column cannot be displayed ,.
After finding the compatibility problem on the internet, you need to right-click the format factory Program-> properties-> compatibility, and select "Disable desktop elements" to display the icon properly. Main Interface.
Click the icon on the right to add tasks in batches.
From the options in the format factory, we can see that many options are to configure various command line encoders. The configuration page shown in H.264 is actually the x264 encoder.

(2) beaver nest Official Website:
Beaver nest is similar to the format factory, and it is also a widely used transcoding software. Shows the interface after opening. Task Bar on the left and preview window on the right. You can select the preset scheme, output directory, and other parameters below. After the configuration, click the circle icon in the lower right corner to start transcoding.
One of the most distinctive tools in Beaver nest is video editing. This function allows you to configure output content after transcoding more flexibly.
In addition, we found that the number of Preset solutions for the beaver nest is still very large.

(3) official website of mediaco der:
Mediaco der is a general audio/video batch transcoding tool developed by Huang xiaochun (Chinese). It integrates many excellent audio/video codecs and tools from the open-source community into a general solution, audio and video files can be converted between different formats. Mediaco der was originally a GPL-based free software. However, the author closed the source code and did not open source any more. After all, programming also requires meals. This is understandable. I personally feel that mediaco der has done a very good job. The author has a solid programming Foundation and has made full use of the functions of various open-source tools.
Open the page after mediaco der.
From the main interface, we can see that there are a lot of configuration options for mediaco der. People with less basic video knowledge may be difficult to get started quickly. The top is the task list, the bottom is the task attribute configuration, and the middle is the task progress bar.
The task attribute configuration interface has a wide range of options. The video attribute configuration menu is truncated. The general configuration options are displayed on the left, and the video encoder options are listed on the right. We can see that x265 is now supported.
The audio attribute configuration menu is truncated. We can see that the optical AAC encoder includes qaac, faac, and Nero AAC.
Open the codecs folder under mediaco, and you can see the command line tools of all encoder supported by it. It's incredible to find JM in it ~
As shown in the following figure, the setting interface of mediaco der is complete.
After transcoding starts, a very thin dialog box is displayed, showing the transcoding progress.

(4) tmpgenc Official Website:
Tmpgenc, short for tmpgenc video mastering works, is a set of video encoding and conversion tool software developed by Yao haoxing, a Japanese speaker. It has powerful functions. Supports hardware acceleration technologies such as qsv and Cuda. The Chinese name of the company that produced tmpgenc is "Bijia Xishi Co., Ltd.", which is Geely and is located in Sumida-ku (motin District) in Tokyo, Japan ).
The latest version on the official website is tmpgenc video mastering works V5, which is a trial version and can be used after installation. The interface on which the software starts to run.
Click "new project" on the start page to create a new transcoding task. The transcoding task configuration can be performed in the order of buttons in the upper left corner: Edit-> Format-> encode.
Next, you can add a series of videos, as shown in.
Mpgenc video mastering works has powerful video editing functions (not to the level of NLE software, of course): A series of functions such as interception and watermarking are available.
After the video is added and edited, you should set the output format. Mpgenc video mastering Works provides a series of standard formats to choose from ,.
After the format is selected, you can configure the detailed information of the format. As shown in, you can set the options of x264.
After setting, you can start encoding.
The configuration menu contains various encoding configuration options.

(5) The official procoder website has not been found. I wonder if the software has stopped updating?
Procoder is a professional video transcoding software. Its manufacturer Canopus is a Japanese company that produces video editing cards and video editing software. Acquired by the French Thomson group in 2005 and incorporated into Grass Valley in March 2011. It also features an edius series video system.
The procoder interface is displayed. After completing the three steps in the list on the left, you can convert a batch of videos: Source-> Target-> convert.
After adding the conversion generation video, click "target" to bring up the "Load target preset" dialog box. Select the default value here.
Next, configure the output target file. Note that the "target parameters" on the right can be modified.
The last step is the conversion. The software provides a preview window.

(6) handbrake (Open Source) Official Website:
Handbrake is an open-source video transcoding software. The software recorded above is charged commercial software or free non-open source software, but it is open source software.
Handbrake interface.

(7) Adobe Media Encoder Official Website:
Adobe Media Encoder is a video transcoding software released by Adobe. The official website has been updated to the CS6 version. Cs4 is installed on my local machine. Adobe Media Encoder supports Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, and other software.
Shows the page for Adobe Media Encoder cs4. After the file is imported, you can select a specific format and preset.
The transcoding process is as follows.


Megui Official Website:
Megui is an open-source video transcoding software. Megui is mainly used as a DVDRip tool and can be used for many transcoding tasks. It is actually the GUI front end of many free tools. Megui is a free software, originated from doom9.
Megui is complicated to use, so no detailed records are provided here, so you will have the opportunity to add them later.

Simple use record of common coding software 2: non-autonomous Encoder

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