Simplified compression and use examples of SHARESDK

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The Share SDK was so big that it started simplifying, removing the ipad's picture and framework, compressing the pictures in the SHARESDK, and replacing several 200-K pictures with a few K images.

Just retained QQ Weibo, Sina Weibo, friends Circle, friends sharing, QQ space 5 basic sharing platform

Changes the size after compression. All the pictures have been compressed.

The original size.

Using the SHARESDK sharing process

+ (void) Sharetitle: (NSString *) title content: (NSString *) content Image: (UIImage *) img{//shared bottom Viewcontrooler Id<is        scontainer> container = [SHARESDK container];            Ability to set SHARESDK pop-up bottom viewcontroller//[container setiphonecontainerwithviewcontroller:nil];                                                         Own initiative to authorize id<issauthoptions> authoptions = [Sharesdk authoptionswithautoauth:yes Allowcallback:no Authviewstyle:ssauthviewst                                               Ylemodal Viewdelegate:nil        Authmanagerviewdelegate:nil]; On the Licensing page, join the attention official Weibo [authoptions Setfollowaccounts:@{share_type_number (Sharetypesinaweibo): [SHARESDK        Userfieldwithtype:ssuserfieldtypename valeu:@ "hahaha ah ha ha haha _ er"]}; List to share nsarray *sharelist = [Sharesdk Getsharelistwithtype:sharetypesinaweibo, Sharetypetencentweibo, Sharetypeqqspace,sharetypeweiXisession,sharetypeweixitimeline,nil];                                                              Share interface options id<issshareoptions> shareoptions = [Sharesdk defaultshareoptionswithtitle:title                                                               Onekeysharelist:sharelist                                                       Qqbuttonhidden:yes Wxsessionbuttonhidden:no Wxtimelinebuttonhidden:no Showk                                                          Eyboardonappear:yes Shareviewdelegate:nil Friendsviewdelegate:nil Picview        Erviewdelegate:nil];    Join the shared picture id<isscattachment> shareimage = nil;    Sspublishcontentmediatype sharetype = Sspublishcontentmediatypetext; if (img) {shareimage = [sharesdk pngimagewithimage:imG];    Sharetype = Sspublishcontentmediatypenews; }//share content id<isscontent>publishcontent=[sharesdk content:content defaultcontent:@ "" Image:shareImage title:tit        Le url:@ "" description:@ "Mediatype:sharetype";                           Pop-up sharing menu [SHARESDK showshareactionsheet:container sharelist:sharelist                      Content:publishcontent Statusbartips:yes authoptions:authoptions Shareoptions:shareoptions result:^ (sharetype type, sspublishcontentstate state, Id<is Sstatusinfo> StatusInfo, id<icmerrorinfo> error, BOOL end) {if (state = = Sspublis                                hcontentstatesuccess) {NSLog (@ "sharing success");                                } else if (state = = Sspublishcontentstatefail)       {                             NSLog (@ "Share failed, error code:%d, description of error:%@", [Error ErrorCode], [error errordescription]);    }                            }]; }

Uploading resources is a bit slow.

Simplified compression and use examples of SHARESDK

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