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People will choose to put their own local resources to upload the cloud network disk, many people do not know how Sina micro-pan and Tencent micro-cloud which is good, then the next small series will bring micro-disk micro-cloud contrast experience.

Here we look at the user's comments, to see whether the Sina micro-plate or Tencent micro-cloud good.

Sina Micro-disk has been released for a long time, relative function more comprehensive. And relying on Sina Weibo's huge users, their own resource pool is relatively substantial. Through a variety of such as small tasks such as mobile landing, mail upload, can accumulate relatively large capacity. For example, I have more than 20 g capacity. But desktop app is not very easy to use, sync time to feel inferior to Dropbox or sugarsync so smooth.

I do not often use Tencent micro-cloud, but it feels good, because the cloud can upload files after the creation of public links, the other side without login can be directly downloaded. (Sina micro-disk does not seem to be good, but also need to login Sina account to be able). So, when the Gmail attachment is too large or Gmail upload the attachment is very card, I will use QQ micro-cloud link to replace. Of course, there are other network disk can also do this function, but either the network instability or speed does not give force, or in the security issue I am not very relieved.

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