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I didn't want to come up to answer this question. After all, "Du Fu is very busy" can only be regarded as a regular plan in daily work. But today, I read the news that a famous Chinese marketing man surnamed Xue once again stood up and won't be able to bear in vain the hard work of the brothers, I will simply post some content in the weekly brokers' weekly reports that execute this plan, so that you can understand the entire operation process of this topic. At the same time, you are also welcome to explore good Weibo topics with us to make Weibo more fun and interesting.

II. Key plans for this week: "Du Fu is very busy" spoof Series
In March 21, some netizens posted pictures of Du Fu in some middle school textbooks that were spoof, triggering a conversion of several hundred times ). On the 22nd, the micro-topic group focused on follow-up and confirmed to create an interactive topic that inspires original netizens.
(1) @ Weibo refresh the most widely spread spoof pictures on Weibo and publish them together;
(2) create a micro-topic, add a single piece of new Weibo content to the top, and add a red text in the lead to indicate "Welcome all netizens to let go of their imagination and participate in the adaptation, send private messages to @ Weibo for new things. We will promote them as a best choice ".
(3) On the same day, I sent a private letter to Weibo, a cartoon writer with a close relationship with @ Weibo's new account, to encourage them to adapt the Dudu Fu portrait. We will promote it as a best choice.
(4) from the launch of micro-topics in the morning to the evening of that day, a total of 30 netizens contributed. Micro-topic editing selects about 30 original netizens from the contribution and search results, and makes mid-based list promotion in micro-topics.
(5) Within half a day, a large number of cartoons were adapted to the micro-topic feed. As a result, the relevant hot topics on the right point to the micro-topic's "original" + "image" + "hot" link address.
(6) among the 30 cartoons recommended by the mid list of the micro-topic, the average number of Single-Article forwards exceeds 1000, while the number of single-Article forwards of @ Weibo news summary exceeds 10000.
After completing the self-expression, I finally analyzed the psychological factors of netizens who were able to get angry from the operational perspective, how did Sina Weibo achieve @ KESO's "strong operation and grasp of public events? This problem is supplemented by another side.

1. spoof Weibo is entertaining and meets the needs of many Weibo users for easy-to-use entertainment information. This topic is widely accepted and has become the basis of a public topic.

2. Du Fu's netizens are very familiar with this picture. This kind of intimacy effectively reduces the rejection psychology during forwarding and transmission. It is estimated that there will be a relatively high level of forwarding, which can form an atmosphere on Weibo.

3 spoof Du Fu's pictures have a clear direction and a low creation cost, which facilitates the generation of a large amount of related content in a short period of time and ensures that this topic can be continuously fermented for a long time.

4. In the operation work, the active content accumulation in the early stage has played a good detonation role. At the same time, operating products are used to present high-quality content in a centralized manner, and the algorithm mechanism is used to present opportunities to users, forming a virtuous circle and ultimately achieving self-operation results.


These pictures are really fun, and I don't think this type of spoof is a personal attack or an insult, but it's actually not "evil". As long as the picture is positive. However, if I draw a figure of Du Fu's head and the black silk girl's body, I think it is inappropriate. Fortunately, most of Du Fu's busy cartoons are normal entertainment.
Behind the phenomenon:
1. The life of middle school students is too boring;
2. Our middle school students are still very creative. They need teachers to explore these creative abilities;
3. More and more students are using Weibo;
4. Weibo and the powerful network communication capabilities;
5. Without talking about middle school students, modern people do not have effective entertainment means. Apart from playing games, it is not good to have a funny cartoon that reminds them of the middle school age.

I tend to look at this matter in a positive view. Graffiti in textbooks shows how boring and boring the class is. Sitting in the classroom day after day to receive assembly-line education, thinking is banned day by day, creativity is killed day by day, what should I do? Students need an exit, an exit that can bring their creativity to the fore.
So, dear Du Fu xianxian, let's sacrifice it.

It may not be a trigger. I will discuss the possible channels of transmission:

It is normal for middle school students to draw pictures in class. Especially those who have the talent of painting, they feel that they have done a good job and they are posted online.

Du Fu's expressions and movements are relatively easy to draw

At the beginning, there were just a few more classic pictures, such as machine guns and black-haired women. They both matched the movements and expressions.

At this time, others thought it was quite interesting. They also began to draw pictures and send them to the Internet one after another.

Someone gets bored with a collection, and is forwarded by a certain V, or has an activity on the homepage of a website or in a group.

As a result, various types of paintings and calligraphy, and various PS

Most popular events are like this: interesting content-some follow-up-key figures, specific channels-overall follow-up

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