Sina Weibo use tutorial

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Sina Weibo use tutorial

2.1.1 Computer Hair Micro Blog

You can log on to your computer and publish your microblog, published content is up to 140 Chinese characters, a micro-bonnet can only have one picture, upload picture requirements: JPG, GIF, PNG format, less than 5M picture, enlarge the picture widest to 490, view the widest picture width of 1600. You can also enter the URL address of the music or video directly (one for each micro-blog).

2.1.2 Mobile Phone binding SMS/MMS hair Weibo

Mobile phone after the binding to send text messages/MMS update micro-blog.

SMS: Mobile users send text messages to 1069009009, Unicom, telecom users send text messages to 1066888866.

MMS: Currently only support mobile, Unicom users send MMS, send MMS to 1066888866.

2.1.3 Chat robot MSN, Gtalk, UC published

Micro-Blog Binding MSN, Gtal, through MSN, Gtal published micro-blog, receive new comments, new micro-blog, new fans, new DMS reminders, but also through MSN DMs,/D fan nickname DMS content.

2.1.4 Affiliate Blog Published

In the microblogging "settings"-"Associated blog" to enter their own to be associated with the blog address, when the blog is updated, it will automatically generate a micro-blog.

2.1.5 Forwards others micro Bosheng into a new microblog

2.1.6 Review

When commenting on others ' tweets, you can publish them as a microblog.

2.1.7 via mobile WAP, client Publishing

2.2 Topics

Simply saying "topic" is the keyword of microblogging search, which is written in the form of placing keywords between two well numbers, followed by what you want to write, such as: #快女 # This is a really hot show this year.

Search related topics, in the Micro-blog page search box on the upper right to enter search keywords, select the micro-blog containing xxx.

2.3 Hair Pictures

Enter the micro-blog post click on the picture, in the Upload Picture label page Click from the computer to select Pictures, upload a successful post can be published pictures. Picture maximum limit of 5 m, support format: Jpggifpng.

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