Singing sinks How to carry out the certification of singing Exchange certification conditions?

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Singing certification conditions:

1, engaged in singing, dance, art performance, music, modeling and related work;

2, with authoritative media on my honor, the introduction of the report;

3, have a certain network popularity, network reds, and media certification;

4, in the singing of the dissemination of my true video mv;

5, singing a singer-grade of more than three level F more than 30 days without the publisher, will cancel the certification.

Introduction of the operation process of singing Exchange certification

After satisfying the above conditions, we only need to send the application information to the singing mail:
And then wait for the concert. Staff audit, the audit date is 1-3 working days.

Of course, you meet the conditions are not necessarily audited oh, this issue I believe you are also aware of the right to audit in the hands of others ah.

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