Single-Case mode

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single-case mode (Singleton)

    1. limits the The number of instantiations can only be once ; (If the instance does not exist, a new instance is created; If the instance exists, a reference to that instance is returned)

    2. In JavaScript, Singleton acts as a shared resource namespace, isolating code implementations from the global namespace, providing a single point of access for functions. --"JavaScript design pattern P39" (in the 1th Point of explanation)

Applicability of a single case model

    1. When a class can have only one instance and the customer can access it from a well-known access point;

    2. the only instance should be the subclass extensible, and the customer should be able to use an extended instance without changing the code. --"JavaScript design mode P40"


    1. Only one time is instantiated;

    2. Save memory.


    1. The modules in the system appear or are tightly coupled;

    2. Or its logic is too scattered;

    3. It is difficult to create multiple instances;

    4. testing can be difficult;

    5. ~ ~ And so on.


    1. Don't overdo it.

Application Scenarios:

    1. the system does just one object to coordinate other objects time. (e.g. use in communication coordination)


    • Lab 1:

    • ~ ~ to be added

Learning materials:

    1. the JavaScript design model;

    2. Uncle Tom understands the JavaScript series in depth.

Single-Case mode

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