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1, WordPress website front and back end commonly used language introduction and the operation process

Usually a website is built in a way that requires a lot of technical support, especially in many computer languages. The construction of the site is mainly divided into the backend and the front-end two parts, the backend code runs on the server, and the front-end program source is transmitted through the network to the user's browser, executed by the browser. WordPress Site page belongs to the dynamic page, that is, the page is the dynamic generation of the program, different people, different times to access the same URL corresponding to the page, see the content is not the same. and the dynamic page is a static page, the extension of the static page is usually HTML, do not need the backend language dynamic generation of Web pages.

Back-end language PHP

There are many languages to implement the backend of the website, such as PHP, ASP, Python, Java, node. js, etc. Take WordPress As an example, is mainly done with PHP, access to the database will use some SQL language. PHP in WordPress is responsible for the back-end data processing logic, on the other hand is responsible for the front-end dynamic page code generation. PHP can be easily embedded in HTML to enable mixed programming of languages such as PHP and HTML. For example:

A file saved as a php extension, placed in a server that has a PHP environment configured, and accessed by a browser, executes the PHP portion of the code, generates the corresponding HTML page (i.e. the front-end code), and transmits it to the browser, which is executed by the browser.

More detailed PHP knowledge can be accessed by W3school, or by checking the official PHP manual.

Back-end language SQL

WordPress access to the database will use the SQL language, SQL language is called the fourth generation programming language, syntax is very close to natural language, basic operation learning is not very difficult.

Front-end language HTML, CSS

HTML is the most important language used by browsers, and HTML uses tags to represent various elements, that is, the content of the site. CSS is a cascading style sheet, that is, the style of the website, such as text size, color, layout location, etc. At present, the mainstream web site is mainly based on HTML and CSS implementation interface. For the static Site page, you can directly save HTML, CSS and other files in the site server for users to access, update the page directly to the page file modification.

The syntax of HTML and CSS is not very complex, it is easier to learn. Strictly speaking, it's not a programming language, it's just a descriptive language. Learning needs to slowly familiar with a variety of labels, attributes, etc., unfamiliar with the regular access to information for reference.

Front-end language JavaScript and jquery library, Ajax technology

JavaScript is a Web page using a very much of a programming language, can be used to achieve a variety of dynamic effects, perform some simple data manipulation, such as when registering an account to determine whether the user filled out the correct mailbox format, Web version of the calculator.

jquery is not a programming language, but a library of JavaScript implementations that can easily implement many common functions. For example, many Web sites in order to speed up the page loading, using jquery to implement the image delay loading, only when the image file is accessed, the picture will be loaded, or not load the picture, improve the user experience.

Ajax is an interactive Web technology that implements asynchronous updating of Web pages. For example, when we visit the QQ space webpage, scroll to the bottom, will load more content, dynamically update the page, without the need to jump page.

Web Access approximate running process

When visiting the WordPress website, the URL request from the user's browser is received by the server, and the server will find the corresponding page, and the process of generating HTML page by executing PHP is done by the server. The HTML page is then sent over the network to the browser. The browser can open HTML, CSS, and then run JavaScript and other languages to make some changes to the page, and then the page is displayed. When the user makes some actions, such as clicking on a specific button, the listener function set in JavaScript executes, completing the response, such as opening a pop-up window to display the user's login information (which is not necessarily done with JavaScript, of course).

2, the improvement of the site

This article is mainly about the perfect WordPress site, the previous WordPress site involved in the introduction of the language, is because many operations need to involve themselves to modify the source code. Understanding the programming language and techniques used will not be as overwhelming as I was at first (it may not be acceptable to see a mix of completely unfamiliar languages in a moment without knowing the site).

Here I want to do the introduction, is mainly to enumerate a WordPress site may need to consider the perfection of things and simple introduction, and not detailed analysis of specific operations, because there are many related articles on the Internet can be consulted, no need to write.

2.1 Basic functions determine the right topic

After the site is set up, if you need to compare more self-customized content, recommend the use of a suitable theme, and then fixed down no longer casually modified. Because a lot of custom content is implemented by modifying the theme source code, if you change the theme of all the customized content is gone.

Some of the online master-made theme features are very powerful, some of them are charged, there are some free. But maybe other people make the theme is not the style you want, for example, I use the theme is the famous blogger Robin do, but the individual prefers fresh and concise style, this time can be modified through CSS, and occasionally need to make small changes to HTML and PHP. Of course, the use of other people's theme, should respect the original author's results, indicating the original author and the author's website link.

Many of the things described below can be implemented directly by modifying the theme, or you can install plug-ins, and some of the themes themselves integrate a lot of powerful features that don't need to be added yourself. I recommend directly modify the theme implementation, because the use of plug-ins will slow down the site speed, there may be plug-ins and themes conflict, and different plug-in display effects and themes do not match, and finally look at the confusion, a plugin to modify too much trouble (plug-in code can also be modified, but plug-in general update more frequent, All changes made to the plugin have been invalidated after the update.

Website icon, title, Introduction

This needless to say, the site must have a title, and a word as a brief introduction, summarizing the core content of the site ideas, etc., so that visitors can quickly understand the site. For example, many websites will be written in a format similar to "Focus on Internet Entrepreneurship", "China's largest website". In addition, the website can make a small icon, so it will look good in the collection folder.

Copyright information

Personal founding of the Web site, generally do not want to others casually misappropriation inside the original article, copyright information is of course indispensable. You can install the Add Post URL plugin, or modify the theme directly.

In addition, the bottom of the site will generally have a "copyright" such as the declaration, if there is a record, there will be a record number, this can directly modify the theme of the footer.php file in the HTML code.

Image Automatic watermark

Dx-watermark can be published directly in the article upload, automatically add the specified watermark to the picture, so as not to steal the map. However, according to my actual experience, I feel that the image watermark effect is not good. The image size is different, the watermark size is not the same, and the color of the watermark if relatively shallow, small size, some pictures are not visible at all, the size is too large, or too deep, such as deep red, will seriously affect the user experience. Finally, I decided to cancel the image watermark.

Send mail

Some servers do not support mail sending, resulting in WordPress default mail delivery is not normal, causing many problems, such as for registration can not receive the login password. This can be configured via the plugin configuration mailbox for sending, can refer to the following

WordPress Send mail via plugin


Editor plug-in

WordPress comes with less features of the article editor, you can install plugins to enhance the editor function. CKEditor for WordPress is relatively powerful, but seems to be a bit cumbersome to configure, but also a bit of compatibility issues do not want trouble, later I switched to TINYMCE advanced. The editor's own article is mainly used for the knowledge of notes, and then released offline upload, so with the editor is only occasional changes to the article.

2.2 User interaction sharing, like button

Good articles, want readers to share to social networking sites, so that more people see and increase the number of site visits and visibility. You can use the Jiathis plugin to implement, or modify, the theme. Like buttons can also be implemented by plugins or modifying themes.

Social login, user module

You can consider allowing users to log on to your website directly through QQ to comment, very convenient. For social login, user reviews, you can refer to my other article:

User System Summary of WordPress


Comment Box Emoticons

Allowing users to use emoticons in comment boxes can improve the user experience and enrich the content of comments. Emoticons can also be modified by the theme of their own definition, replace the WordPress with a less attractive expression, specific methods please search by yourself.

Reader Message Board

Message board is a can comment on the page, in the background to create a new page, the name of the message board can be set to display in the menu, easy for visitors to see. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment on the message board.

Traffic statistics

Traffic statistics are standard for a variety of social and blogging sites. You can see the number of articles visited, which is a feedback on blogging, how many people have visited, and the top-ranked side toolbars. Can be used wp-postviews, and combined with the theme of the modification implementation.

2.3 User experience breadcrumbs navigation bar

The breadcrumb navigation bar helps users understand where they are currently on the site and can improve the user experience. Generally implemented by modifying the theme.

Move Theme Toggle

When a mobile device visits a website, the website should be able to optimize the mobile device, if your theme is responsive, can automatically adjust, that's fine. If not, you can consider the computer and mobile device even tablet, use more than two sets of themes, and automatically switch with WordPress mobile Themes plugin.

New window opens external link

Personally think that if there are hyperlinks in the article, it is more appropriate to do so, the site link directly in the current window open, outside the link is opened in a new window, but each time you edit the hyperlink is too troublesome. External links plug-in will be able to implement a new window outside the chain open function, and the right side of the outer chain to insert a small icon to remind readers that the link opens will be an external link, pay attention to Internet security.

Code syntax highlighting

If you do the site has technical articles, the text often without program code, syntax highlighting can be easily read procedures. can choose Wp-syntax plug-in implementation.

2.4 Accelerating and optimizing image compression

Image compression speeds up page loading while saving server space and traffic. WP can easily compress pictures, can be automatically compressed when uploading, you can also compress the existing pictures. The Compress PNG for WP uses the API of the Tinypng website to achieve very good compression of PNG images.

Optimizing the Database

Wp-optimize is a good database optimization plug-in, every once in a while to optimize the database, delete the unwanted things, speed up the site.

Website Acceleration Technology

WP Super Cache is a Web page cache plug-in, probably meant to cache some pages, so that every time you visit the dynamic generation, speed up the page access speed. For tips on website acceleration, I'll write an article later to introduce it in more detail.

2.5 Safe spam comment blocker

You can use the Akismet plugin to intercept spam comments, such as malicious ads, viruses, and so on.

Security of the website

Bulletproof Security is a powerful safety plug-in, you can try, although the newly established station is estimated that no one will attack, but it is always good to prevent.

Prohibit non-admin users from entering the background, prohibit users from registering

Some people do not want to login after the ordinary user can enter the WordPress background interface, or think there is a security risk, there is also a view that user registration may lead to security issues, because WordPress webmaster and ordinary registered users of the only difference is the permissions are not the same, If the intentioned person registers the user and breaks through the privilege to become the administrator, can modify the website content arbitrarily. However, it seems a bit inappropriate to prohibit users from registering themselves, and it may affect the experience of registered users to prohibit the normal user from entering the background. For example, the default registration password is randomly generated, the ordinary user can change the password in the background to facilitate memory, if forbidden to enter the background, it can not achieve this purpose.

2.6 seo Site SEO

SEO is the meaning of search engine optimization, that is, by optimizing some of the content of the site, so that the search engine faster and more accurate collection of things in your site, so that more people access to. Website SEO is actually more complex, and there are special people to study, even become a discipline, became a job, here I also know very little, can not do more introduction, but recommend a plugin SEO Ultimate, interested in a good study. The plug-in I use most of the function is code insertor, sometimes site verification needs to insert some code in the Web page, but do not want to change the theme, just use this function can directly insert code.

Robots Access record

A web site can be searched by search engines, because the search engine web crawler (also called robots) visited your site and included in the search engine database. Wp-log-robots can record the robots of your site page access, so SEO optimization. And for beginners to build a station, although not necessarily a big role, at least can satisfy a curiosity it.

Site Map

Site Map is also a means of SEO, through the establishment of a fixed page, records the address of all pages of your site, update the time and other information, guide robots to your site page to be included. The recommended use of Google XML Sitemaps, Baidu also has a site map plugin, but does not seem to refresh themselves, do not know whether it is not my configuration is wrong.

Ping Update Service

After posting a new article on the website, you can set up a ping to remind the search engine to ingest your article in a timely manner. In the settings-compose-update service, add Baidu Ping link, it can be achieved.

Fixed link settings

Post published will have a link address, in order to facilitate by the search engine index to, generally can be set to fixed links, links can be used in some English or pinyin abbreviation, the most reasonable format on the Internet different people opinion is not the same, personal preferred is the simplest "site url+ abbreviation" way, specific can be automatically search to understand.

The original self-published personal website, reproduced please indicate the source:

Site Building from scratch (vii) the perfect WordPress site

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