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Ultimate optimization and improved WordPress performance set

  1. Upgrade Wordpress to the latest version.2. delete unused plug-ins and upgrade the plug-ins in useMany people like WordPress only because they like the power of WordPress plug-ins, but many of them are flashy. If there are a large number of plug-

Use RPM to implement lamp configuration (Wordpress, phpMyAdmin)

Lamp is a very good combination of web industry, known as the gold combination, next we configure lamp in RPM and install phpMyAdmin and wordpress,phpmyadmin is a page way of MySQL management software, WordPress is a blogging system. (Note: In the

Teach you to use WordPress to easily build your own website

This article from e Mentor NetworkGraduation season means the beginning of a job search, do you want to add points before the interviewer? Build a website chant. No code? In fact, a lot of methods, today introduced one of the world's most popular

Lamp+nginx Acting +discuz+wordpress+phpmyadmin

Lamp+nginx Agent +discuz+wordpress+phpmyadmin Experimental project: Build lamp, install Nginx, as an agent, the MySQL installed in a separate machine, Apache responsible for dynamic, Nginx responsible for static Lab Environment: 1. VMware

A brief analysis of the steps of WordPress moving to Linode

1. Purchase and install the systemThe purchase does not say ha, English is not good oneself searches the tutorial. Then the installation systemLinode System Installation:After the purchase is completed login, go to find the purchased VPS, click on

Apache Multi-site configuration (ubuntu/centos)

Preface: Scenario One: Usually when we develop, the general items are only stored in the root directory specified by localhost, when there are several items, only in the root directory under different folders, especially inconvenient. Scene two: At

BLUEFATE: two simple 301 redirection methods for Wordpress

I made a 301 redirection to my blog last night. In fact, there are many methods on the Internet, but I still want to share my own practices with you. Because I previously bound two domain names to my blog: www # bluefate # org, which is newly

Set up a full set of processes and detailed explanations of the site If Google's topic, 80% of the results are ads-they will tell you, "Hey, I (or a company) here can build a website, fool-style yo, Come and run to me! "Novice generally feel that building a website

Beginner Tutorial: Set up a full process and detailed explanation of the site

Transferred from: you're a Google topic, 80% of the results are ads-they'll tell you, "Hey, I (or a company) can build a website here, fool-style yo, come to me!" "Novice generally

Set up a full set of processes and detailed explanations of the site

First, the preparation of the site materials: domain name and spaceA web site is usually composed of a domain name and a bunch of web page files: Domain name: is "Three tatsu don't slip what point pit" Such things (such as, not

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