Site by K, site down right in the end is a blessing is a curse

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As is known to all, woe to the blessing of the lean, Fu Xi woe! 2012 SEO industry, "disaster" a lot: several times Baidu big update, how many sites by K is pulled hair, common site down the right, ranking all without ... So, in the end site by K, site down right is a blessing is a curse?

 1, the site by K is a curse.

For every grassroots webmaster, the most afraid of is the site by K, the site down right. May be included in the Skinflint, may be ranked all the horrors, coupled with the elusive right reason and the vast period of recovery time, which webmaster, enterprises can say no matter! Zac proposal: Website down right, if can save back to save. If cheating is serious, big K is included in all, give up to start afresh perhaps is a better choice. Or for veteran, change domain name is the only choice of the site K, after all, a two-month site recovery case can have a few? Those successful cases are not only recovered?

  2, the site by K is Bliss.

The society is so impetuous, especially the ever-changing network world! Do you have enough aversion to writing articles on a daily basis? In particular, netizens complain about several major crimes of SEO, the network is no longer a paradise to learn life and entertainment. Ask yourself, every webmaster optimization cause the fastest progress is not to take over the site of the honeymoon period, and later are "the love of the long life" persistence. Then the site is k after it? Helpless, fear, hope, correct ... Life seems to have a passion, their own SEO skills rapid, for the site down the right has a unique view. Is the so-called, do not experience the site is K webmaster is not a good webmaster! Just like those boys and girls who live in peace and need to watch horror movies.


2012 Baidu Big Update, we have experienced together, 2013 of the history of Baidu, we have looked forward to. The face of the site is often reduced to the status of the right, we strive to standardize their own technology at the same time, experience into a firm heart, is the key to the success of every webmaster! Even if because of turbulence to change careers, can see is a blue sky.

In short, the site by K, site down the right is a blessing is a curse, the outcome lies in people. As long as the webmaster can do, where are the bright Starlight!admin5 start, please remember us guang ya decoration:, reprint please indicate the source.

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