Site generation static page Strategy 2: Data Acquisition _ Thieves/Collection

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Acquisition principle:
The main steps of the     acquisition program are as follows:
    I. Get the content of the captured page
     extract all used data from the get Code
    One, get the content of the captured page
    I currently have the ASP commonly used to obtain the content of the page method:
    1, with the ServerXMLHTTP component to obtain data

function getbody (weburl)  
'-----------------Shangai (Xiao qi)
    ' Create object
    Dim objxmlhttp
    Set objxmlhttp=server.createobject (" Msxml2.serverxmlhttp ")
    ' request file, in asynchronous form ' get ', weburl,false
    while objxmlhttp.readystate <> 4
         objxmlhttp.waitforresponse 1000
    ' Get results
    ' release objects
      Set objxmlhttp=nothing
'-----------------Shangai (Kiki)
End Function
     Call method: GetBody (Urlf address of the file)
    2, or XMLHTTP component get data

Function GetBody (Weburl)
'-----------------Shangai (Xiao-qi)
' Create object
Set retrieval = CreateObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
With retrieval
. Open "Get", Weburl, False, "", ""
. Send
GetBody =. Responsebody
End With
' Release object
Set retrieval = Nothing
'-----------------Shangai (Xiao-qi)
End Function
Call method: GetBody (Urlf address of the file)
This gets the data content that needs to be encoded to be converted before it can be used

Function Bytestobstr (Body,cset)
'-----------------Shangai (Xiao-qi)
Dim objstream
Set objstream = Server.CreateObject ("")
Objstream. Type = 1
Objstream. Mode =3
Objstream. Open
Objstream. Write body
Objstream. Position = 0
Objstream. Type = 2
Objstream. Charset = Cset
Bytestobstr = objstream. ReadText
Objstream. Close
Set objstream = Nothing
'-----------------Shangai (Xiao-qi)
End Function
Call Method: Bytestobstr (data to be converted, encoding) ' encoding is commonly used for GB2312 and UTF-8.
Second, extract all the data from the acquisition code
1, using the ASP built-in mid function to intercept the required data

Function Body (wstr,start,over)
'-----------------Shangai (Xiao-qi)
Start=newstring (Wstr,start)
' Set the unique start tag for the data that needs to be processed
Over=newstring (Wstr,over)
' and start corresponds to the unique end tag of the data that needs to be processed
Body=mid (Wstr,start,over-start)
' Set the scope of the display page
'-----------------Shangai (Xiao-qi)
End Function
Call method: Body (content of the captured page, start tag, end tag)
2, the use of regular access to the required data

function Body (wstr,start,over)
'-----------------Shangai (Xiao Qi)
Set Xiaoqi = New Regexp ' Sets Configuration Object
Xiaoqi. IgnoreCase = True ' ignores case
Xiaoqi. Global = True ' is set to Full-text search
Xiaoqi. Pattern =  "" &start& ". +?" &over& ' Regular expression  
Set matches =xiaoqi. Execute (WSTR) ' Starts execution configuration
set  xiaoqi=nothing 
body= '
for each Match in matches
body=body& Match.value ' Loop matches
End Function
    calling Method: Body (the contents of the captured page, Start tag, end tag)
    sampling procedure:
    1, access to the page of the site's paging list page address
         at present, most of the dynamic Web site's paging address has rules, such as:
Dynamic page
First page: index.asp?page=1
Second page: index.asp?page=2
Third page: index.asp?page=3

Static page
First page: page_1.htm
Second page: page_2.htm
Third page: page_3.htm
To get the page address of the page of the site's paging list, you need to replace the changing characters of each page address with a variable such as: page_<%= "&page&"%>.htm
2. Get the content of the page list page of the collected website
3, from the paging list code to extract the content of the page URL link address
There are also fixed rules for content page connections in most paging pages, such as:

<a href= "URL1" > Connection 1</a> <br>
<a href= "Url2" > Connection 2</a> <br>
<a href= "Url3" > Connection 3</a> <br>
You can get a collection of URL connections with the following code

'-----------------Shangai (Xiao-qi)
Set Xiaoqi = New Regexp
Xiaoqi. IgnoreCase = True
Xiaoqi. Global = True
Xiaoqi. Pattern = "" ". +?" "" "
Set matches =xiaoqi. Execute (page List contents)
Set xiaoqi=nothing
Url= ""
For the Match in matches
'-----------------Shangai (Xiao-qi)
4, get the content of the contents of the content page, according to the "Extract tag" from the content of the collected page to intercept the data to be obtained.
Because it's a dynamically generated page, most content pages have the same HTML tag, and we can extract the content of the parts that are needed based on these regular tags. Such as:
Each page has a page Title <title> page title </title>, and the mid intercept function written above can be used to get the value between <title></title>, or it can be obtained using regular expressions.

Body ("<title> page title </title>", "<title>", "</title>")

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