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This article focuses on how to quickly restore the site, how to judge the site was down right, here to simply mention, is not the focus of this article discussed. Site is down right, when you spend a lot of manpower and resources, pay a lot of painstaking effort, but do not see what effect, the weight has not been improved. It is estimated that everyone is in a bad mood. The site is down right how improper operation, long time does not recover, to us a great test, today to focus on the site is down right, how to quickly restore weight, the loss to a minimum.

1, analysis of the site to reduce the right reasons

This step is the most critical step, only to understand the cause of disease in order to be apart. Analysis a period of time before you are how to optimize, whether outside the chain to do the traveler, a large number of reprinted content, whether changes to the title of the homepage, the website structure is revised, keyword density is changed, the site is the anchor chain to do properly, Baidu has recently been a big update. To find the cause of the right to decline, the timely cessation of the right to act, is the fastest way to recover after the right to decline. Here to emphasize that, according to the author's long-term observation, Baidu down the right also has a first offender and recidivism, if you are the right to fall, recovery time is relatively short, general one week time can be restored, if it is recidivism, recovery time to a relatively long, it is possible to reach two months.

2, the regular update of high-quality content

If you don't know the reason for the specific right to be lowered, is the first do not know exactly why is down right, then you have to do is the regular update of high-quality content, here said high quality content refers to the original content of high quality, in this critical moment do not reprint, we all know Baidu is like original content. According to your actual situation, has the regular update, must pay attention to the regular update. You have plenty of time to update a few times a few, your time is relatively tight less than a few updates, the best every morning update, the morning is the best Baidu collection time, is also the most active spiders out of the time.

Update the content a little to be relevant, and the site of the subject to maintain close relevance, the content is best not to add anchor chain, because you do not know the specific reasons for the right to fall, if the anchor chain is not properly lowered right, if the anchor chain connection is added to the fire, so the site is down right, it is best not to use too much optimization technology, the pursuit of natural best. Plain, the pursuit of nature, to meet the needs of customers is the best article. Each stage to adhere to, do not Santian two days, otherwise the consequences are very serious, the spider impression of Baidu is not good, Baidu spiders do not come after, on the big trouble. This stage is to win the Baidu Spider favor stage.

3, Stop Friendship Link exchange

Comprehensive check existing links, and stop the new exchange links, existing links, if included significantly reduced, the chain significantly reduced, site is not the first, Friendship link type is not related to the right to the early exchange of friendship links should be removed. Here to emphasize the link to pay attention to the "friendship" two words, remove the link time, to notify each other, remove the reason for the link, so happy exchange, peace break up. When your weight is restored, you can work together again, so be sure to respect others and be respected by others.

4, regular to do high-quality outside the chain

The site is down the right, outside the chain construction is very careful, outside the chain construction must have the law, avoid the ups and downs of the situation, this critical moment can not withstand big storms, do outside the chain also pay attention to the relevance, to pay attention to the quality of the chain and the breadth of the chain. Of course, the more wide the chain, the outside chain to nature, to avoid the home chain too much, is to do the link inside the page, so that the home page and the external chain balance. The author suggests that the site is down right after the appropriate reduction in the number of daily chain, the focus is the quality of the chain.

Five, other aspects of attention

Site is down right, try not to change the density of keywords, the location of keywords, the structure of the site, as far as possible not to use ALT tag, to minimize fluctuations. This phase of the server must also be stable, this stage is to please Baidu stage.

Finally, if the site is down right, first of all, to find the right to reduce the original, found that the problem is the best way to solve the problem, if you can not find the specific reason for the right to fall, through a regular update of high-quality original content, there is a regular chain of construction, reduce the volatility to

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