Site structure optimization advantages in the station

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Site structure optimization advantages in the station

A website before the establishment of the author thought should be considered how to layout the structure of the station, although the establishment of the site structure need to have the basis of code, but according to most SEO staff working experience, it is clear that the structure of the site will affect the quality of the search engine on our site included, Therefore, it is recommended that the code to optimize the staff to learn more. From different angles, the author sums up 4 advantages of good station structure.

One: Increase the page aggregation degree in the station

This is from the user point of view, when we are in the station layout, you can start from a single page of the station, whether it is the home page or the inner pages, to a specific core layout, the site of a certain page of some specific keywords, then this page all the content should be related to these keywords, Regardless of the article or picture, the advantage is that when the user through the search engine can try to meet the needs of users, increase the stickiness of the page, reduce the bounce rate, because we can not accurately determine what the user is looking for content, if the content of the page is rich, it means to meet more users.

Second: Increase the density of keywords

This is from the SEO point of view, keyword density is too much has been a lot of SEO optimizer people think is a relatively easy to be k reason, but the author according to analysis of some websites, in fact, if your site can do every keyword has anchor text links, link past pages have relevance content , then the search engine will not think you are cheating, and even the search engine that the site is to provide users with more content, more like the Web page, most SEO optimization personnel only know to put the keyword there, did not pass the article to foil the keyword, so that its emissions natural, So some people think that keyword stuffing is cheating behavior.

Third: Increase user access to the site depth

The time a Web page is visited, the page bounce rate is related to this site or site page in the search engine rankings, even if there is no clear data to prove a user's length of stay can affect the ranking of the site page, but can increase the depth of the site access is indeed a happy thing, Web site can seize the user is a good site, the site is to give users to see, a no user to see the site optimization is no longer good, but also meaningless. When the user to the site to increase the depth of the most conducive to the search engine on the Web page included, if your site inside page article page is likely to be the search engine that is not original, search engines do not give included, but through the layout of the page, so that users continue to visit the Site page, then this Site page may be included, Even in search engines there are rankings.

Four: Increase the user to the Site page browsing coefficient

A good site structure needs to be service users and search engines, the site to meet the needs of users, because the search engine is like the user's favorite site, so we build when the first time to consider how the site should be a user service, Increase the user to the Site page browsing coefficient is the user when the search engine search a specific keyword into your site page, can be in the shortest possible time to find their favorite content, from some specific keywords to layout the overall structure of the site can achieve the best results, such as shopping stations, If the search is a refrigerator to your site, if the top of the page shows the list of refrigerators, will definitely increase the user experience, you can retain users.

Summary: Good site structure may not need SEO work can have a good ranking, a site page some keywords, completely around these keywords, it will be a good page.

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