Site to reduce the right to restore: The remedy for the bell still need to fasten the bell people

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Many websites may have experienced the right to drop, some have even been plucked or by K, but different stations have different methods, different owners of the same down the right often have different treatment means, today Mavin to everyone talking about the site down the right two or three things, I hope that some novice webmaster has some help.

Several main reasons for the right to be demoted

First, the external link is irregular: There are two kinds of irregular external links, one is to increase the speed is obviously too fast, if you are usually very stable, and a day of occasional surges will certainly have an impact, and the impact is very serious, the second situation is stipulated the time of the link, this is not a good phenomenon. For example, every day on time by the point of the release of the link, whether it is a blog or forum, the formation of a certain law, the search engine is very easy to judge, so the significance is not big. However, the impact of the general internal links is not very large. Even if you do a little more internal links, it is better than the confusion of external links.

Second, the export flooded keywords: keywords can be many, but can not be chaotic. If the page is filled with keywords, it is easy to be punished or scored. Some websites also have hidden words, in fact, the search engine for these can easily be judged, but will not immediately make the punishment. In addition, there is contact with the site of the edge, such as exchange links, such as you are playing the edge of the site, so this is more dangerous, no problem when everything is normal, there are problems you will send a post to ask how the matter, in fact, the answer is the nature of the site itself.

Third, the server factor: Mavin has been encountered because the server was punished example. Because the site keyword ranking is very good, so be attacked, so that the computer room sealed 24-hour IP, after the solution, just stabilized for a while, immediately again attacked, and then the cycle of the IP. and the original site weight is very high, send article basic also calculate seconds, so when the space or server instability, the site rankings can not be stable. However, because of quality or JS caused by instability, we must not tolerate.

Several ways to restore the right to fall

First, if the business value is very high words, search engines themselves will not miss this opportunity, or do a lot of bidding, or there is an open platform. If we feel human intervention, then it is best to decide decisively, change the new domain name and website. Because of the consequences of human intervention is very serious, generally there is no good way to solve. Sometimes we can't afford to wait, so we can only replace it.

Second, if it is a server or space factors, then this must be determined to find space business coordination, and find evidence, let them deal with, solve the bad words will be replaced. Because we can wait for space business to deal with, but the search engine does not wait, as long as the spider visit is not normal, it is not a good phenomenon. If it is the same server with a lot of IP sites are punished, then this time to resolutely replace this IP.

Third, on the whole, if K is very thorough or not a little sign of recovery, then replace the start again. If it is a slight, such as site is not in the first place or the keyword drop, then the problem is not big, sometimes may also be the search engine's own problems. When the traffic on the website is found to be fluctuating, should be timely observation, from the overall or to update the original article more, add some high-quality links, this time if there is cheating friendship link, to be removed in time, if not, then try not to big changes to the site, stability is the prerequisite.

Well, here's a summary of the basic and everyone finished. Shenzhen website Construction ( tell you, do not worry when encountering problems, sometimes can wait one weeks after processing, because changes in the site will certainly have an impact, and if it is the search engine itself, then the loss of the candle.

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