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In addition to exposing the more details of Apple Watch and the new MacBook, we did not see the ipad Pro, which was rumored to have been reported before the press conference, and how much it was disappointing to see the ipad's new Apple powder. However, the inaccurate news is that Apple has postponed the launch of the ipad Pro to this September. But since Apple has launched a new 12-inch MacBook, will the IPad Pro/.ipad air really be there?

Apple ipad Pro has been rumored for a long time, according to the previous version, the ipad Pro is equipped with 2K screen, thickness of only 7mm, battery capacity of 2 of the ipad Air 1.5 times times the capacity of 11000MAh, you can use a Third-party keyboard protection kit. There have also been reports that some details of the IPad Pro have been further confirmed, with Foxconn employees gaining internal sketches of the flat thickness between 6.9-7.5mm and 4 integrated speakers, each with two.

From all the rumors above, it seems that the ipad Pro is methodically planning, and that in the next few months more details will be revealed. But sit down and imagine, a 12.9 inches close to the size of a notebook tablet holding in the hands of the slide, is not a little bit unreliable? Let's look at whether the ipad Pro is justified.

  Affirmative: ipad looks old-fashioned shipments decline

  IPad Pro guess (will definitely be released)

  Reason one: The ipad family looks conservative, without innovation

From the ipad's first generation to last year's launch of the ipad Air and ipad Mini3,ipad family in the appearance of the basic not much breakthrough, not like the Android tablet to play so many tricks. So much so that the ipad Mini 3 's Vintage new bottle practice has been spit out, consumers do not buy it, preferring to choose the older ipad mini 2. While the ipad is still in the industry's best measure from an industrial design standpoint, the manufacturing process is constantly challenging the harder-controlled thickness limit.

In terms of status, the ipad is a full-fledged tablet product. But the overall market has become full, coupled with the weakness of innovation, the consumers have been spoiled by Apple's attention naturally shifted. It is clear that the ipad's rigid appearance makes it hard for users to lift their spirits, but the idea of a novelty Android tablet design is broader and freer. So it is hard to undo the decline in ipad shipments by falling fuselage thicknesses and higher screen sizes.

As planned, if the introduction of the 12.9-inch ipad Pro in September, can bring a new experience and productivity, if the shape, use and functionality of more changes, I believe that consumers can find more points of interest in new products, so as to get rid of the sense of aesthetic fatigue has been. Of course, the always mysterious Apple, will certainly come up with a more fresh technical highlights to let the fruit powder exclaim.

  Reason two: ipad shipments drop, need to stimulate the user's desire to change machine

According to the latest estimates of KGI KGI's 2015 ipad sales, the ipad sales are set to hit a record low of about 30 percentage points this year, compared with last year's 2015 when Apple sold only about 4400~4500 ipads. The decline in shipments has something to do with the size of mobile phones, the iterative capabilities of older ipad products and the lack of innovation.

IDC reported that Apple remained the world's largest tablet supplier in 2014, and through last year's survey of tablet market share, most Android tablet sales are growing, and Lenovo's tablet is also a strong performer, with a sharp increase in shipments in the fourth quarter of last year.

But Apple CEO Tim Cook still believes in the ipad's potential, which, of course, has to do with IBM's deep cooperation. Apple, IBM will be in 2015 for the iphone and the IPad, the launch of a partnership of more than 100 enterprises and industry-level specific applications, which is likely to bring Apple billions of of dollars in hardware revenue. Apple's successful launch of the ipad Pro, which caters to the needs of office commerce, coincides with the IBM Corporate promotion strategy, and can find greater market space with the stylus in many of the business and industry areas we can imagine.

  Affirmative: Touch pen has a high point of the screen will continue

  • Reason three: Touch pen to watch the full height of the screen continues to lead

★ Touch-Control pen

Last December, Apple once again submitted a patent application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on the smart Touch pen. Together, this is the 10th touch-control Patent Apple has filed in 2014 years. When the IPad Pro screen gets bigger, the stylus is still necessary and makes the touch more accurate.

If, as the rumor says, the ipad will introduce a new keyboard set and stylus, so these two peripherals are undoubtedly the biggest innovation of ipad Pro, and even though jobs resisted the stylus in his lifetime, the possibility of a stylus is high, judging from the patents that Apple has registered in the past few years and the progress of his research.

Guo Mingchi, a more authoritative analyst, also said Apple's stylus would not be configured with more sophisticated features such as "built-in gyroscopes and Acceleration sensors" in the first year, and that in future upgrades Apple might add advanced features such as 3D handwriting and so on.

  4K Display

The ipad Pro uses the same approach when it comes to hardware updates for previous generations of ipads. Apple is expected to be equipped with an oversized display, according to TechRadar News that the IPad Pro not only uses a 12.9-inch screen, the resolution also uses two versions, including 2048x1536 pixels and 4096x3072 pixels, the latter apparently reached the 4K standard. However, Apple will eventually release two versions, or the 4K resolution, temporarily is not sure.

Does the IPad pro really have it? Yes or no six big guess analysis

In addition, the IPAD Pro High resolution screen will use oxide LCD technology, not only fast reaction, color saturation is also high.

Sources from the Taiwan supply chain say Apple is conducting a series of technical tests, including a-si (amorphous silicon) and TFT (thin film transistor), and has selected the oxide LCD screen for the ipad Pro. It is said that sharp, LG Display and Samsung display have been delivered to Apple production samples. Sharp because of the technical expertise in the oxide panel, vowed to do as a major supplier of Apple products preparation, and LG is likely to be the second supplier.

  Negative: The size is too large to define fuzzy good product rate low

  IPad Pro guess (won't launch)

  Reason one: The IPad pro size is too big

Do you remember the root cause of the ipad Mini's popularity? Not how strong the internal hardware is, and the reason consumers are buying it is because the 7.9-inch ipad Mini is small, lightweight and portable. And the 12.9-inch ipad Pro specs are almost beyond the limits of the tablet, so the feeling is completely different. As rumor has it, the fuselage thickness between 6.9-7.5mm, this is not the same as the current ipad Air gap.

However, it is not possible to escape the size of the 12.9-inch fuselage has increased a lot, which is difficult to accept many users. It's easy to associate with a tablet that has the same size as the 13-inch MacBook Air and slides its finger at the escape temple game. This is obviously not a harmonious scene, and if you use it in a crowded subway, it may be difficult to get the ipad Pro out of your backpack, and don't expect one hand to hold the edge of the fuselage.

  Reason two: is flat? Or a notebook?

The use of the scene is highly overlapping, IPad Pro in terms of size, performance, portability and so on with the MacBook Air and the new MacBook closer to determine the two product line is bound to appear functional overlap. If the ipad Pro still keeps the iOS system, it's an entertainment-focused lightweight Office product from the application's point of view, because many of the complex productivity tasks are impossible to do on iOS systems.

Previously, the system also said that the ipad Pro will be a dual operating system (OS X and iOS), which sounds incredible, OS X is the X86 architecture, iOS is ARM architecture, it is not Apple to develop arm OS x or X86 iOS, is clearly not reliable. Apple products have always been very focused, although OS X and iOS are now getting closer, but the complex and confusing system is not consistent with the streamlining of the use of the system, while the user Switching systems, the operation will encounter a variety of problems.

In addition, the new MacBook has adopted a new core M processor, so the ipad Pro will still use the ARM architecture, equipped with A8X or A9 processor, but in order to achieve more efficient office processing capabilities, the ipad Pro system, applications and hardware should be reconsidered. If the time is not allowed, or the overall solution is immature, this September may not see the IPad pro figure.

  Reason three: The rate of good quality restriction

If the ipad Pro is paired with a 4K display, then the yield is the biggest problem. Just before the end of the new release, the IPad pro production was delayed because of the supply problem with the display panel. Apple is evaluating various panel technologies from a cost-performance perspective, such as a-si (amorphous silicon), TFT LCD (thin-film transistor LCD), and OLCD, until only recently the OLCD technology was decided.

Oxide LCD screen with low yield, insufficient capacity, oxide LCD thinner and more efficient than the current LCD, Apple is reported to have increased its investment in this area. If the panel manufacturers do not give force, the screen quality rate can not be improved in time, the IPad Pro is still not visible.

  Write to the last:

The analysis is just predicting that the possibility of IPad Pro launch is still very high, which represents the author's expectations, but ultimately wait until the next release to see. To sum up, the launch of the IPad Pro, for Apple is the inevitable choice to reverse the decline in shipments, if intended to main commercial office, then exposure of the stylus and with the new features of the keyboard set to become the biggest aspect.

The launch of the IPad Pro not only perfected the product line, but also freed itself from the attributes of the toy, as well as incorporating more of the design elements that fit the office's characteristics. If the product price range is 3000-6000 yuan, then the wayward Apple will further occupy Microsoft Surface market share. Although also part of the MacBook Air and the new MacBook user base, but to meet the diversified mobile office needs, to find a new area to improve shipments.

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