Six errors of losing customers for an entrepreneur

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What are the values of customers?
Without them, your new career is destined to go downhill from the very beginning.
Famous marketing expert Joe Girard once wrote a book: how to sell anything to anyone, he said: everyone you meet may bring you at least 250 potential customers.
This is a good news for people who want to develop their own business. However, according to Joe Girard's theory, when a customer leaves you for dissatisfaction, what you lose is more than just a customer-you will cut off contact with at least 250 potential customers and customers, it may lead to a major loss, so that your career may fall down when you are just on the track.
So what makes entrepreneurs suffer such a huge loss? Many inexperienced entrepreneurs do not realize what is fatal and drive their customers and potential customers away. As a result, they are forced to give up their dream of starting a business just sooner or later. Therefore, before you start, you must understand how to make your customers become regular customers, or do better, and how to make them your lifelong customers!
You have used the time, money, and the most important thing-freedom as a bet to start your career. Then, what will you use to retain customers?
The following six mistakes will make an entrepreneur lose his customers.
1. Make excuses for yourself
Assume that you have a public relations company: if you fail to finish your work before the prescribed deadline, how will you deal with complaints and dissatisfaction from customers? Do not give a reason: "I am overwhelmed by heavy work, so I have never made time to start working on your plan. "This is really unwise. Customers will not care about whether you have taken on the heavy lifting of your work. They will only remember that you promised to finish your work before a deadline, but did not believe it.
Instead of making excuses, it is better to honestly admit your mistakes and try to make things better. Even if the customer is working overtime, the customer is reduced and the customer needs to be sent to his home that night. When you can take all responsibilities and correct your mistakes, a bad thing will win the trust of your customers.
2. Ignore feedback
Most customers will not tell you their dissatisfaction. They just turn around and leave for another transaction to keep them! Take some extra time to get their attention, set the time for a private meeting, or hold a seminar to contact your customers by phone, or ask them to answer some questions, such as: Why do you choose our products and services?
What enables you to purchase our products instead of other suppliers?
What improvements do you think our products and services need?
Finding answers to these questions will help your business. You will find out which of the following problems you have already done well. If a customer is not satisfied, you can take action before changing his mind. When you submit a questionnaire to a customer, it shows that you pay attention to the customer, so as to attract customers to become regular customers.

3. Passive ideological lazy
Is it easy to start your own business? Think about it. Once your business starts, you have to be ready to run around for cash flow and handle a lot of trivial and heavy loads.
However, no matter how hard it is, you must keep smiling with your head high. People only want to do business with confident people.
Get rid of the vicious circle of negative thoughts, focus on your goals, and believe that no matter how many setbacks you encounter, you can finally think about success. Your unwavering confidence in yourself will also multiply your customers' confidence in your business.
4. damage the reputation of competitors
How do you tell your customers and potential customers about your competitors.
When someone asks you how your company accumulates wealth in the fierce competition with Company X, you can use this method to answer: "Company X's products are really good (or very powerful ,) but let me tell you why the customer chose our company." Then, we will show your potential customers some thank-you emails that were satisfactory to them. In this way, won't you easily move the topic from competitors to your transactions.
It's hard to ask your old customers to praise you.
5. Take your customers for granted
Once you slack off, you will lose. Do not take it for granted that a customer has bought it once here and will become your lifelong customer.
Even as long as you read this short article, your competitors may be planning how to pull your customers away.
What will attract your customers to become regular customers?
For example, if you own a coffee house, you can hold regular promotions. For example, if a customer buys nine coffee cups, they will receive an extra cup.
All merchants will seize special days of customers, such as birthdays or anniversary, send greeting cards to customers for celebration, and provide some free services or products; in addition, selling products at a discount within a specific period of time is also a promotion method.
Rule of thumb: it is good for customers to feel that they are your old customers.
6. Fixed-step self-sealing
Don't get ahead with a small score. In today's rapid market growth, if you don't want to develop, you just have to make a close effort. Continuous self-education, participation in various seminars, and reading professional books and magazines are required to become a pioneer in your industry.
If you have a deep understanding of your industry and a deep understanding of your industry, your customers will have more confidence in you, making your company the first choice for consumers.
Keep your freedom at your disposal, keep learning from the mistakes you and others make, and take necessary measures to prevent them from happening again.
You will surely bring long-term development prospects and profits to your career.

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