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Apple's new product launch conference was held on time at on July 15, March 8, Beijing time. The debut of brand new Apple TV, Apple iOS 5.1, and Apple iPad also failed to meet the expectations of global consumers. The most eye-catching star of this Conference is naturally not Apple's new iPad, and the six major upgrades of this new tablet are nothing more than expectations. Apple did not name the next-generation Apple iPad "Apple iPad 3" or another name, which means the tablet will become a new starting point for Apple in the "cook age.

Apple's new iPad is officially released

Back to Apple's new iPad, Retina display screen, Apple A5X dual-core processor, 5 million pixel rear camera, P Full HD video shooting, voice input, and 4g lte network support, all of them stimulate the eyes of global consumers. I believe that the changes to the six major upgrades are also the most important concern of all of you. Next we will provide you with a fresh evaluation of Apple's new iPad!

Apple's new iPad has six major upgrades

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The appearance does not change much. The body is thickened.

The appearance does not change much. The body is thickened.

From Apple's iPhone 4 to Apple's iPhone 4S, almost the same design made four voices of questioning Apple's smart mobile terminal design strength. What will happen to the design of the new-generation Apple iPad. Among them, the next-generation Apple iPad will adopt a button-free interface, which is widely recognized for its popular gesture-manipulation.

The appearance of Apple's new iPad does not change much

With the unveiling of Apple's new iPad in the early morning of August 15, March 8, Beijing time, the design of this brand-new product may also call out the expectations of many consumers-the Home button still exists, and the appearance does not change much compared with Apple iPad 2, you can also choose either black or white.

The thickness of Apple's new iPad increases to 9.4mm

However, the thickness of Apple's new iPad is increased to 9.4mm, and the weight of Wi-Fi and 4G versions is increased to 652 grams and 662 grams respectively. The increase in body thickness and weight will be unrelated to the improvement of the hardware performance of this product. We will also analyze the upgrade and changes of the Apple iPad in the following evaluations.

Apple new iPad body back photo

Detailed photo of Apple's new iPad

Super Resolution Retina screen

Super Resolution Retina screen

As rumored before the official launch of Apple's new iPad, the new tablet uses the same amazing Retina display screen as Apple's iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Although the screen size is still 9.7 inch, the screen resolution of Apple's new iPad has reached an astonishing 2048 × 1536 pixels, And the pixel density has also increased to pixel PPI.

Apple's new iPad 2 uses Retina Display Screen

Retina Display Screen clear and delicate

The Display Effect of Apple's new iPad is clearer and more vivid, as it is 4 times more than the 2-pixel Number of Apple iPad, or even 1 million pixels more than that of HDTV. Whether reading text or browsing video images, this Retina display screen will also make us say goodbye to annoying pixels. For Apple's new iPad display screen pixel density lower than Apple's iPhone 4, Apple's iPhone 4S, Apple officials also explained that the difference in the control experience, in a reasonable line of sight, the three visual experience is exactly the same.

Comparison between Apple iPad 2 (left) and Apple new iPad (right)

Of course, Apple's new iPad's Retina display screen with a pixel density of up to megappi also has higher requirements on display technology. As we all know, each pixel of the display screen is controlled by multiple signals, however, when many pixels are in the same plane as the control signal, the confusion of the control signal will also affect the image quality. Therefore, Apple's new iPad uses breakthrough screen technology to separate pixels from control signals to ensure image quality and improve color saturation by 44%.

Increase color saturation by 44%

Top-level quad-core graphics processor

Top-level quad-core graphics processor

Prior to Apple's new iPad debut, the focus of public opinions was whether the new product would be equipped with a dual-core processor or a more powerful quad-core processor. At the press conference, the answer to this question was finally revealed. Apple's new iPad uses a brand new upgraded Apple A5X processor.

Apple A5X dual-core processor

Although Apple did not deliberately emphasize the hardware performance of the processor during the press conference, it is estimated that the apple A5X processor uses a dual-core architecture based on the model. However, consumers do not need to be disappointed. Although this processor is likely to still adopt a dual-core architecture, it has more powerful performance, the quad-core graphics processing chip will also be able to perfectly control the Retina display screen with a resolution of up to 2048x1536 pixels.

Apple A5X dual-core processor designed for Retina Display Screen

According to Apple, the computing performance of Apple's A5X processor is four times that of NVIDIA Tegra's 3 quad-core processor. Whether it's simple touch control, running a large game, or editing photos and videos, Apple's new iPad is able to cope with such operations. Therefore, the performance of this processor naturally deserves the trust of consumers.

Quad-core graphics processor

Slr back camera

Slr back camera

If the photo taking on Apple's iPad 2 is really unsatisfactory, a 5 million pixel iSight camera on the back of the iPhone's new iPad may make us forget this dissatisfaction. If you are not satisfied with Apple's new iPad camera, which is only 5 million pixels, your thoughts may change.

Apple's new iPad comes with a 5 million-pixel iSight camera

The 5 million-pixel iSight camera provided by Apple's new iPad uses not only back-mounted sensors, but also a f/2.4 large aperture design, A lens consisting of five lenses is added with a hybrid infrared filter that is generally used only for a single-lens SLR camera. This allows the camera to effectively capture light and block infrared light, making it easy to cope with light-filled or dark environments, ensure the quality of the photos taken.

This camera uses a back-mounted photosensitive Element

A lens consisting of five lenses

Auto-focus Face Detection

Auto-focus Face Detection

We all know that the number of camera pixels and camera imaging technology do not completely determine the quality of photo taking. The rich photo taking functions are equally important. What will happen to Apple's new iPad?

Apple's new iPad supports auto focus and facial recognition

Apple's new iPad completely changed the "chicken ribs" that Apple's previous iPad 2 camera feature left us, including auto focus, touch auto focus, and exposure setting, this improves the camera function of Apple's new iPad. Face Detection supports facial recognition at 10 points, automatically balancing focus and exposure, comparable to professional photo devices.

Photo samples for Apple's new iPad

Photo samples for Apple's new iPad

1080p Full HD video shooting

1080p Full HD video shooting

At present, as the hardware performance of smart mobile terminals continues to rise in the global market, P Full HD video shooting has already become a necessary feature of mainstream high-end products, therefore, Apple, which has always led the cutting-edge of smart mobile terminal technology, will obviously not lag behind.

Apple's new iPad supports P Full HD video shooting

Thanks to the powerful hardware performance of Apple A5X and the advanced 5 million pixel iSight camera, Apple's new iPad can also produce high-quality P Full HD videos. With the automatic image stabilization feature, we do not have to worry about the impact of hand jitter when shooting videos.

Apsaravideo for iPad supports image stabilization.

Siri absent voice input debut

Siri absent voice input debut

Tim. cook said in his opening speech and the official release of Apple iOS 5.1 that Siri's intelligent voice assistant has become one of the most popular innovative features of consumers in many countries around the world. Whether Apple's new iPad will be equipped with the Siri intelligent voice assistant feature is also one of the features that consumers expect before the official release of this product.

Apple's new iPad supports voice input

However, it is a pity that Siri's intelligent voice assistant function is still behind Apple's new iPad, which is also irrelevant to Apple's positioning of Apple's iPhone and iPad products. But Apple has also prepared another surprise for us-the voice input function. On the virtual QWERTY keyboard of Apple's new iPad, we can see the newly added voice input buttons. You only need to select the Voice Input Function to save the complicated text input process.

Language Input currently supports English, French, German, and Japanese

Similar to the Siri intelligent voice assistant function exclusive to Apple iPhone 4S, The Voice Input Function of Apple's new iPad currently only supports English, German, French, and Japanese. In addition, we speculate that the voice input function will remain exclusive to Apple's new iPad.

4G networks support personal hotspots

4G networks support personal hotspots

At present, the LTE Standard 4G network has become a mainstream trend in the development of mobile communication networks around the world. operators in the U.S. market are also gradually accelerating the construction of the LTE Standard 4G network, among them, Verizon has basically completed the LTE Standard 4G network deployment. A Faster network transmission speed also means a better mobile app experience. Therefore, the support for LTE 4G networks has become one of the most popular upgrade projects for consumers.

Apple's new iPad supports LTE 4G Networks

LTE Standard 4G network downlink speed up to 73 Mbps

Apple's new iPad is not disappointing to consumers. It will support the LTE 4G networks operated by at&t, Verizon, Bell, Telus, and Rogers in the U.S. and Canada regions, its downlink speed will reach 73 Mbps, far above 42 Mbps of DC-HSDPA network, 21 Mbps of HSPA + network, 7.2Mbps of HSPA network and 3.1Mbps of EV-DO network.

Apple's new iPad also supports global 3G networks

Of course, in countries and regions where the LTE Standard 4G network is not yet available, Apple's new iPad will also support the global standard 3G network. At the same time, the personal hotspot feature is also logged on to Apple's iPad for the first time. Apple's new iPad can connect to up to five devices through WLAN, Bluetooth, and USB to share the LTE Standard 4G network high-speed data transmission.

The endurance price is still the same

The endurance price is still the same

Nowadays, with the rapid improvement of the hardware performance of smart mobile terminals and the wider range of mobile applications, the battery bottleneck of smart mobile terminals is becoming more and more significant. After the comprehensive upgrade, how long Apple's new iPad will be available will attract consumers' attention.

The general endurance lasts 10 hours.

In an LTE 4G network environment, the duration is 9 hours.

According to Apple's official announcement, Apple's new iPad still has a normal life cycle of 10 hours, while the LTE 4G network environment has a life cycle of 9 hours, which can basically meet our daily needs, it remains the same level as Apple iPad 2 Official materials.

Prices of Apple's new iPad remain unchanged

Of course, the last question that consumers are concerned about is whether the product will increase the sales price as rumored. However, with the end of Apple's new product launch, these worries will also disappear. The price of Apple's new iPad will be the same as that of Apple's iPad 2. The price of the Wi-Fi 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB capacity versions is USD 499, USD 599, and USD 699 respectively, 4G versions are priced at $629, $729, and $829 respectively.


Apple's new iPad will be unveiled at this conference, but it is no doubt that Apple did not extend the product's naming rules, it is called "The New iPad" only. Therefore, it is estimated that the Apple iPad will be the same as Apple's Macbook, Apple's Macbook Pro, and other products. It will not be named by simple digital rules, but by hardware configuration, I don't know if this marks that Apple has set sail in the cook age.

From a product perspective, although the appearance of Apple's new iPad does not change much, however, the Retina display screen, Apple A5X dual-core processor, 5 million-pixel iSight camera with a single SLR technology, and voice input among other six major upgrades are still worth looking forward, after all, Apple has never paid much attention to hardware configuration, and innovation and excellent user experience are obviously more important. Therefore, we also have reason to believe that our mobile life will be different from each other.

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