Sixth time Assignment

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Overview Design Manual

Our group project is the 2D game engine, and this week we are planning to complete a summary of the instructions.

I am mainly writing the design of this piece in the summary manual. When I first got this job, I didn't know that the main thing was to write about what was going to be written, which should be broken down into small dots. Later I and the same group of students to do a discussion, referring to our requirements, also carried out Baidu, and then I know the operation of the design of this piece is mainly to write what, should be elaborated from what aspects.

I divided the running design into 3 small points: Running the module combination, running control and running time. The main purpose of running the modules is to illustrate the various modules and the system work they are involved in. Run control is the user's order of operation and the result of operation of each module. Run time is the time period in which the system and each module should be running.

Through this, I feel that I have written a summary of the design of the specification is how irregular, running the design of this piece has not been a summary of the design has been written to, resulting in this time I just got to know where to start. But it is still worth the happy, after all, I know, the next time the outline design can write the specifications specific.

Sixth time Assignment

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