Skillfully Borrow cool music box to create a personal jukebox

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Others like is not necessarily my favorite, suitable for others are not all suitable for me, I will only choose a different look is very special, I will not go to choose everyone has ... The classic "I pick my" lyrics, just in line with our 80, 901 generation of mood, in the era of personality supremacy, how to meet our different music taste it? How do we create our own personalized jukebox? Use the cool music box to help us get it done.

1. The individuality sings the choice which I want most

In the Cool music box, the music resources are classified in detail, for example, we switch to the music box of the "classification" interface can be seen, according to the network, DJ, slow rocking, nursery rhymes, suitable for the category of the hearing of the categories of Music Resources Division, at the same time we can also through the language, genre, Topic categories quickly navigate to a good song that best suits our individual tastes (Figure 1).

Figure 1 To quickly locate a good song that matches our individual taste by detailed classification

At the same time, for users who prefer certain specific styles, we can also use cool music box in the "Genre" category to screen our favorite songs, such as hip-hop, psychedelic, Bruce and other categories to choose songs (Figure 2), I only pick my favorite, I only choose what I want.

Fig. 2 screening different genres of songs can satisfy our different music preferences

2. Collection on-demand personalized personal companion

Through the screening to find a lot of good for our personal taste of the songs, and set up a playlist. However, our favorite on-demand list, change the computer can see again? The answer is yes, through the cool music box, registered as cool users, you can easily enjoy the music list online Sync collection function (Figure 3). After collecting these good songs, sync with your heart and listen to it whenever you want.

Figure 3 Registered as cool member can sync your personalized playlist over the network

3. Alternative comments my different views

We, who are rich in individuality, naturally disagree with others. How do you feel about the songs you listen to? What's the comment on the singer's latest record? Whether we are praise, anger assessment, or skew assessment and other evaluation, in the song playback process, as long as through the "Music Review" function, can always publish our different views, so that everyone see our personality comments.

Comments on the method is very simple, for example, when we pass the cool music box on demand Huang "not so simple", switch to the "lyrics MV" interface, at this time to find the top of the music selection, click on the entry will be able to see others cool users of its comments. Click on "I want to comment" to be able to express your personality point of view, including by rating the star to the song rating, write your listening feelings (such as Figure 4), sharp point of view will make you quickly become a senior critic.

Fig. 4 Through the Cool Music Box "music Commentary" to express your different views of the song

And in the comments, in addition to see the relevant cool user comments, click the corresponding user name can also enter into his cool personal space, to see what he collected popular songs, published logs and album content. and interacting with our fans who have the same hobbies.

In the face of all kinds of personality needs, we use cool music box function can be satisfied, personalized on demand, point singing, and so on, carry collection and at any time to publish personalized comments, can let us in the easy to highlight the personality charm, through the exclusive jukebox to enjoy the wonderful songs brought by the joy of experience

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