Skillfully use WPS Mobile version to add a document freehand annotation

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Office family, comments and revisions to Word documents are almost as familiar as they are every day. A MO found WPS mobile version of Word annotation feature to upgrade to handwritten annotation, mobile phone, flat panel and other touch-screen equipment to use more convenient, more humane. The following a MO to tell you how to use the WPS mobile version of hand-painted function, quickly complete the document annotation work!

If your phone or tablet is an Android platform, you may wish to download and install the WPS Mobile version. After running, open the Word document that you want to annotate, and slide your finger to the left in the edit area on the navigation bar. Perhaps at this point people will say, is not choose "Annotation and revision"? Mo to tell you, no! should click the "Insert" icon, and then select the "Freehand" option.

First use of hand-painted function, WPS Mobile version prompts a MO need to enter the author's name, after input and confirm, the screen will show "can be turned through the volume button" operation prompts, that is, the phone or flat on the volume "+ or-" button to page.

Next, the WPS Mobile version of the work interface will switch to hand-drawn mode, at this point only with a finger or a stylus, you can directly in the document graffiti, such annotations, that is, simple and convenient, but also to make annotations more humane.

In the process of hand-painted annotation, a mo to tell you, if there is any place to input errors, just hand pointing to the navigation bar "undo" icon to do the previous step, or click the "Restore" button to restore the current operation.

After the annotation has finished, to revert to reading mode, just click the "X" icon on the upper left corner of the WPS Mobile Edit window. And then click the "Insert → hand-painted" button, you can enter the freehand mode for document annotation.

When we add the hand-drawn annotation, click on the "Save" button, the WPS Mobile version will be hand-painted content to save. When you open the document later, the annotation above will be displayed at the same time, which is more practical for enterprise users.

In addition, MO also found that when you open a Word document with a hand-painted feature annotation, it is very convenient to also display the name of the annotation person and the specific annotation time, as well as to adjust the contents of the annotation once the finger is placed on the hand-drawn content.

Comments: For friends who often need to annotate documents, the use of WPS Mobile version of the built-in hand-painted function, you can directly hand-painted in the document, the need to modify the place to use the "handwritten" way to record, quickly understand everyone's comments or suggestions, greatly improve the efficiency of the document annotation.

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