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Modern people, especially the middle-aged generation of pressure is too large-not only have a tense work and complex interpersonal relationships, but also need to solve a lot of practical problems: the pension problem, education of children, rising prices, inflation, currency depreciation problems, employment pressure increases ... Therefore, if the use of the first use of the property and make it to preserve or even appreciate, become more "" "is a lot of people are worried about the problem, financial management has become a common aspiration of the modern. You don't finance, you don't have money. New Year New beginning, how to make full use of all kinds of bonuses, income, royalties, good personal finance? With WPS 2010 of the financial template, this problem is not difficult to solve!

1. Family Ledger

Recommended index: ★★★★

At present, this template downloads up to 683,831 times, and its popularity is evident (Figure 1). Its title, this month's income, this month's living expenses, this month's fixed expenses, this month's balance, this month's chronicle and the right side of this month's living specific record area.

Users can customize the value of each item, the template automatically statistics the total monthly consumption amount, and based on the difference between income and expense calculation of this month's surplus and cumulative amount, with this template can complete a year of income and expenditure calculation, very suitable for family use.

▲ Figure 1

2. Household consumption chronological

Recommended index: ★★★★

This is a household account record of the template, serial number is automatically generated, you can enter the left side of the date and income expenditure can be, if it is an expense, you need to enter a minus sign, the result of the input will be shown in red. After that, the start and end times are set at the bottom right, and all the expenses and balances are at a glance (Figure 2).

▲ Figure 2

3. Multi-function record books

Recommended index: ★★★★★

Stylish and very popular bookkeeping template. Each month's expenditure category sets how Big 12 kinds, to some expense more trivial user, especially mm, should be quite ideal template, each point is good, let you spend money heart also have number (Figure 3).

▲ Figure 3

4. Credit card management Details

Recommended index: ★★★★★

The template has built-in credit card recording options for major state banks and commercial banks, if you are also "have card a clan", is for many credit card management troubles, download immediately try it, a template management of more than one credit card information, so that you pay, credit card, staging all have records, never afraid to forget the repayment period, Pay more fees (Figure 4).

▲ Figure 4

5. Family Deposit Management System

Recommended index: ★★★

The average family has multiple deposit accounts, such as time deposits, demand deposits, and so on, which is embedded in worksheet 2 in the deposit rate statement, and worksheet 1 can automatically calculate the interest on the maturity deposit, the total principal and interests. Use this template to easily manage multiple payments, and to set date reminders, date calculations, (Figure 5).

▲ Figure 5

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